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Smart Meter 101

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Smart Meter 101
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Having a smart meter means we get more accurate consumption information and they don’t need a human to manually read it.

So why is that a good thing and how do you know if you have one or not? We've got your back, read on to find out more.

The benefits of a smart meter

Having a smart meter will allow you to make the most out of Powershop and our online tools. We automatically get half-hourly readings, once a day - as opposed to once every three months with a basic meter.

More frequent readings mean your usage graphs are accurate up to the half hour, and all of your bills are based on your actual usage, not just estimates.

image of the powershop app usage toolsDaily and half hourly usage shown in the Powershop mobile app.
photos of a smart meterAn example of a smart meter. Source: Energy Saver NSW website


Solar customers with smart meters can view their consumption and export data on the Heat Map tool, and use the Daily Insights tab. Customers with basic meters don’t have access to the Heat Map or Daily Insights.

If you have solar and a smart meter, you’ll get access to all your export data as well. This means you’ll have visibility over how much your system is exporting to the grid every day which can be helpful in optimising your savings.

Smart meters vs. basic meters

A smart meter is a device that digitally measures your electricity usage, providing us with accurate half-hourly consumption readings once a day. While readings from a basic meter must be performed manually. This is done once every three months by your distributor, but some people also choose to enter their own meter readings and feed-in data.

Still want more info? We have a page with frequently asked questions about smart meters, installation and much more.

How do I know if I have a smart meter?

Click here to log in to your account, or open up the Powershop app.

If your usage graph goes up and down (ie you have a different reading for every day) then you have a smart meter. If your meter isn’t smart then your usage will appear to be flat, unless you have entered any meter readings manually.

How do I get a smart meter?

We can generally organise installation for free* if you’re a Powershop customer, simply submit a smart meter request form.

* Powershop does not charge for the meter or its installation at your property except in cases where any additional onsite work is required to install the meter, in which case we will levy a fee of no more than $100. Some examples of additional onsite work are minor asbestos removal, fuse replacements and link installations.

Looking for more info?

Head to our About smart meters page

Find out more on our Meter know how page on the help site

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