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On the go EV charging

Explore the convenience of on-the-go EV charging with public stations near supermarkets, hotels, and more. Learn about the resilience of electric vehicles in various weather conditions.

How do I charge my electric vehicle when I’m not at home?

There are a growing number of public charging stations where you can charge your electric vehicle. They’re often close to supermarkets, petrol stations, hotels, parks or tourist destinations.

There are a few different types of charging station, but they’re generally usable by any electric vehicle – with the exception of Tesla’s superchargers, which can only be used by Tesla cars.

Watch how to use a public charger?

Can I charge an electric vehicle while it’s raining?

You can charge an electric vehicle while it’s raining – and in most other weather conditions¹.

The vehicles are specifically engineered to withstand water intrusion. In fact, they’re rated a 7 when it comes to protecting against water intrusion, which might not sound like much – until you consider that a rating of 8 is reserved for submersibles and oceanic equipment.

Can I charge at all public charge stations?

Almost all public charging stations can be used by any electric vehicle – generally you just need the right app downloaded on your phone. Some without an attached cable may also require you to take your own cable. You can use the cable supplied with your vehicle at the time of purchase (if included).

The only exception is Telsa’s Supercharger network, which can only be used by Tesla cars in Australia.

Can I take a road trip in an electric vehicle?

Yes! Electric vehicles can road trip with the best of them.

You’ll need to refuel at charging stations during your trip, which might take a bit more planning in terms of where to stop to charge. During busy holiday periods you might also hit queues at the chargers, so plan accordingly.

But with more and more charging stations are popping up all the time, this kind of forward planning may soon be a thing of the past.

Here’s a map of the charging stations currently available in Australia.

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