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Track your home solar

See your solar energy insights with the Powershop app and in your online account. We provide a number of tools to help our customers get the most out of their solar system.

Solar energy monitoring in the app

Hit the solar tab in the Powershop app to see your solar insights.
Here’s what you’ll be able to see:

  • Daily feed-in: shows you how much solar energy you fed into the grid that day.

  • Half hourly feed-in: shows how much your solar fed into the grid in half
    hourly increments for the day you’re viewing in the daily feed-in graph.

Knowledge is power
Usually, it’s better to use the energy you’re generating instead of exporting it.

Jump into the app and check out when you’re generally exporting the most. Is it 1pm? Well set the timer on your dishwasher to start then. 3pm? Good excuse to leave that last load of washing until then. You get the idea.

Heatmap of solar feed in

See peak export times

If you are exporting solar power to the grid, you can also see your feed-in heatmaps in your online account. To view this, log in to your online account and click Usage and then Feed-in Patterns. 

The brighter the square – the more energy your solar is exporting to the grid. If you’ve got a black square in the middle of a sunny day, don’t worry, this just means your solar is being used in your home as it’s generated! Heat Map functionality is currently unavailable for solar customers with basic meters.

The Powershop app shows your solar exports on a daily and half hourly basis (as long as you have a smart meter, which most properties with solar do). Learn more about solar insights in the app.

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Use the solar you’re generating at your home

If you install solar, you’ll most likely have a net meter. Net metering allows solar customers to be paid for any excess generation that has not been consumed by the household.

However in general, you’re better off using the solar power your panels generate rather than exporting it, and our solar monitoring tools can help you do that.

Benefits of net metering:

  • Excess solar you generate and don’t use is exported to the grid and you receive solar credits in return.

  • With the Powershop app, you can see how much solar you’re sending to the grid.

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