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EV calculator

Calculate your EV charging time and costs 

Wondering what it could cost to charge your EV at home?

This handy EV calculator gives you a quick look at the approximate time and money involved in getting your EV charged up and ready for the road. 

Get a home energy plan designed for EV charging

Powershop has two household power plans designed for home EV charging – with windows that give you super-low electricity rates compared to our other plans.

Did you know?

Your typical, garden-variety electric vehicle can be fully charged at home overnight with a wall charger for as little as $7^ – which is good for the average city driver.^^

If you’re out and about, you can also fast charge at one of the growing numbers of public charging stations. It’ll cost about $30 to add around 350 km worth of charge to your battery.^^

All prices are GST inclusive.
^Based on a customer on the Citipower distribution network in Victoria, using a super off-peak rate of 10.62 c per kWh with a 7.2kw wall-mounted charger, charging a Tesla model 3 RWD to full over two days. Costs are calculated based on driving an average of 30km per day.
^^How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle in Australia