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Electric vehicle plans

Choose a charging plan that suits the way you live and drive. Charge when you want. You can always plug in and charge, any time day or night, no matter which plan you’re on.

So what kind of charger are you?

Everyone’s lifestyle is different. Whether you work from home or spend your days on the road, whether you top up with solar or charge purely off the grid, you’ll find a Powershop EV charging plan that suits you.

Night charger?

The Power Drive plan gives you ultra-low charging rates from midnight to 4am – every night (when compared to our currently available plans).

Day charger?

The Power Drive Day plan has no electricity usage cost for midday charging for two hours every day (daily supply charges still apply).

Get charging insights

The Powershop app gives you energy insights at the touch of a button, so you can better manage your EV charging.

Power Drive Day

No electricity usage costs for midday charging
No electricity usage costs to charge your electric car, every day between midday and 2pm.*

Solar-style rates, without the solar cost
No electricity usage costs while the sun’s at its peak, without paying for an expensive solar system –and get it all year round, even on cloudy winter days.

* Daily supply charges still apply.

Power Drive

Power up while you sleep
Charge your car while you sleep with a super off-peak rate between midnight and 4am – and wake up every morning ready to roll.

Charge for as little as $7 a week*
With a wall charger you could spend as little as $7 a week on charging – while driving every day.

Get the range you need in one night
A single night's charge gives the average city driver enough range to work with – so you're already ready to go for the day.

* Based on a customer on the Citipower distribution network in Victoria, using a super off-peak rate of 10.62c per kWh with a 7.2kw wall-mounted charger, charging a Tesla model 3 RWD to full over two days. Costs are calculated based on driving an average of 30km per day.

What will I need?

Electric vehicle

Charge an EV at your residential address.

Smart meter

Smart meter installed* at your residential address.

Time of use

Residential address is on time of use tariff*.

*Powershop can help you with getting a smart meter installed at your premises and changing your tariff type from single rate to time of use. The turnaround times for these processes are likely to vary. We recommend switching to this energy plan as soon as you purchase your EV. It may take a few weeks to switch over to a smart meter or time of us tariff, if you don’t already have this set up at your place.

Energy monitoring

Powershop’s app lets you get energy insights at the tap of a button, so you can better manage your EV’s charging.

You can see your daily usage, current usage, usage patterns and you can annotate to help explain any spikes or drops in your power usage.

Promote renewable power with EV charging

As a Powershop customer, you can purchase GreenPower Powerpacks in the Powershop app, which allows you to purchase GreenPower month to month when it suits you.

It's a great way to make small regular contributions to support renewable energy.

By purchasing GreenPower you are displacing your electricity usage with certified renewable energy that has no net greenhouse gas emissions. The government-managed GreenPower Program independently audits us each year to ensure this is the case.

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