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If you have a problem, complaint or just some feedback, we’d love to hear from you. We’ll do our best to sort things out as soon as practical.

How to contact us

You can view our Standard Dispute Resolution Procedure here. This outlines the objectives and principles of Powershop’s complaint process, as well as outlining the process for dealing with bill reviews and customer read estimate reviews. You can contact us through any of the following:

  • Call one of our friendly crew at 1800 462 668 (free call) between 8am and 7pm, Monday to Friday.

  • Email us at complaints@powershop.com.au

  • Write to us at:
    Contact Centre Manager
    PO Box 1639
    Melbourne VIC 3001

What is our complaints process?

Once we have received your complaint, we will reply to you within 2 business days to confirm we have received it. From there we will contact you directly to work through the issue with you and will continue to update you via email.

We will monitor your complaint progress regularly to ensure we resolve it with you as soon as practical. We aim to resolve all complaints within 20 business days of receipt of your complaint.

If it takes us longer than 20 business days to resolve your complaint, we’ll contact you to provide you with an update on our progress. If you are not satisfied with our progress, you can contact your local Energy and Water Ombudsman.

If you’re not satisfied

We will always work toward a fair and reasonable resolution for any dispute. Additionally, all our customers have the right to an independent complaint resolution scheme. We’re a member of the Energy and Water Ombudsman for each state we retail in, meaning our customers can contact the Ombudsman in their state at any time for independent advice and assistance. Your states Ombudsman office details can be found below:

New South Wales


  • Energy & Water Ombudsman of Victoria

  • Reply Paid 469

  • Melbourne VIC 8060

  • Free Phone: 1800 500 509

  • Free Fax: 1800 500 549

  • Interpreter: 131 450

  • NRS: 133 677

  • www.ewov.com.au

  • ewovinfo@ewov.com.au


South Australia

  • Energy & Water Ombudsman SA

  • Mail: GPO Box 2947

  • Adelaide SA 5001

  • Free Phone: 1800 665 565

  • Interpreter: 131 450

  • NRS: 133 677

  • www.ewosa.com.au

Nothing in our complaints process takes away any rights you may have under legislation, or your right to make a claim to a court or disputes tribunal, or your right to complain to The Energy and Water Ombudsman at any time.

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