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What are they, how do you read them and how to troubleshoot. Meters – your gateway to knowing your power usage!

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That depends. If you have a smart meter we obtain your meter readings daily from your distribution company. We receive 48 half-hourly readings once each day. If you don’t have a smart meter then your distribution company will read your meter.

How often will my meter be read? - Read more

If you have a smart meter your meter will send us half-hourly readings, once a day, so you shouldn’t need to read your meter at all. If you don’t have a smart meter you can enter meter readings as often as you like (although it is not essential for you to do so).

Do I have to read my own meter or will Powershop read it for me? - Read more

First up, please remember to be safe when looking at your meter. Make sure that you can reach it safely. If there are any loose or exposed wires in the cabinet don’t touch them — call an electrician as soon as possible.

Where is my electricity meter? - Read more

Safety first! Do not touch any part of your meter.

How do I read my meter? - Read more

If you have a smart meter, your meter will send us your reading automatically. If your meter isn’t smart you can enter your own meter read. Log in to your account from you desktop or do it on Powershop’s mobile app.

How do I enter a meter reading? - Read more

Smart meters mean we get more accurate consumption information and they don’t need a human to manually read them. We get your smart meter readings daily.

What is a smart meter? - Read more

The easiest way to tell if your meter is smart is to log in to your Powershop account and look at your daily usage graph on your ‘Balance’ page.

How do I know if I have a smart meter? - Read more

Keep yourself and others away from any live wires. If it’s safe to do so, shut off the main switch. Call us on 1800 462 668 and we will contact your distributor to fix the issue.

I think my meter is broken. What should I do? - Read more

Call us on 1800 462 668 and we’ll help you troubleshoot any issues with your meter. We’ll put you in touch with your distributor if necessary.

I don’t think my meter is recording my usage accurately. What should I do? - Read more

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