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At home EV charging

Navigate the world of at home EV charging with insights on battery lifespan, charging options, and usage frequency. Explore slow and fast charging methods and understand the considerations for electric vehicles. Whether you charge daily or weekly, make informed decisions for a smooth electric driving experience.

How long does my battery last?

The average electric car battery is expected to last around 15 years, with many electric vehicle manufacturers guaranteeing their batteries for eight years or 160,000 km, whichever comes first¹.

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How does home charging work for an electric vehicle?

Most new electric vehicles in Australia come with a charging cable that can be plugged into an ordinary power point and used for slow charging – overnight in your garage, for example. Charging cables can also be bought separately if they don’t come with the vehicle.

If you want a faster charging option at home you can get a small charging station professionally installed, for charging that’s generally around three times as fast as a standard charging cable.

If you’re thinking of getting a really high-end electric vehicle, it’s worth knowing that some of them can only be charged with what’s called ‘three-phase’ power – and if you want to charge it at home, you’ll probably need to upgrade your home power setup.

How often will I need to charge my electric vehicle?

It all depends on how you’re using your car. Most people who can charge from home just plug in and charge daily – kind of the same way you’d charge your phone while you sleep.

If charging at home isn’t an option, charging once every seven days at a public fast charger is enough to get most city drivers through the week.

How much does charging an electric vehicle cost?

If you’re charging your electric vehicle at home, it’ll set you back around $12 to get up to 350 km worth of battery power. If you’ve got solar panels installed, it’ll cost even less to fill your battery – probably around $6².

It costs a little more if you’re using a public charging station. Prices vary, but on average it’s about $30 for a fast charge that adds enough battery power to give you around 350 km of driving.

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