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Having a smart meter will help you get the most out of Powershop's app and online usage tools.
Daily and half hourly usage tracking.
No more estimating bills and no surprises.

Available to all Powershop customers!

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Request a free smart meter today!

Powershop does not charge for the meter or its installation at your property except in cases where any additional onsite work is required to install the meter, in which case we will levy a fee of no more than $100. Some examples of additional onsite work are minor asbestos removal, fuse replacements and link installations.

If our third party meter provider is unable to complete the installation due to additional works required that are out of their ability, we will notify you of what the issue is and how it can be rectified. If this were the case, you may need to engage your own electrician to rectify the issues at site which would be charged to you directly by your electrician and is not linked to Powershop's charges.

Smart Meter Request Form

Terms & Conditions

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you:

Agree it is okay to pass on my personal details, relating ONLY to the installation and maintenance of this smart meter, to third party installers. This will include my name, property address and contact details.

Agree and acknowledge that the third party meter installer owns, and is responsible for maintaining and repairing, my smart meter;
I confirm that I will not deliberately damage or interfere with any metering equipment on my premises, in accordance with my obligations under law;

Will not hold Powershop or those acting on its behalf liable for any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential loss or damage arising from and or in relation to the smart meter; and

Consent to any fees for a meter installation, and if applicable manual meter readings, being applied to my Powershop account (if required) without any prior notice of such fee being applied.