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Request a free smart meter today

Having a smart meter will help you get the most out of Powershop’s app and online usage tools, and best of all, having a smart meter means no more estimated bills.

Get a free smart meter* if you’re a Powershop customer by submitting the form below.

* The smart meter installation will be free for all standard meter installations. However, if a non-standard meter installation is required, Powershop will levy a fee of no more than $100 to cover the cost of the installation. Examples of non-standard meter installations could include where minor asbestos removal, fuse replacements and link installations are needed.

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  • Your meter
  • Don't know what this is? It stands for National Meter Identifier and you can find it on your electicity bill.

  • (A smart meter cannot be installed if there is inadequate mobile phone reception).

  • Hazards & access
  • To complete the meter exchange, the installer requires safe and unhindered access to the existing metering installation.

  • E.g. dogs in the same area as the meter.

  • Preferred installation date

    Note: date must be a minimum of two weeks from todays date. There is a two week lead time on smart meter installations, so please select a date on or after two weeks from today.

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