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Smart meter request

Request a free smart meter today

Having a smart meter will help you get the most out of Powershop’s app and online usage tools, and best of all, having a smart meter means no more estimated bills.

Get a free smart meter* if you’re a Powershop customer by submitting the form below.

* The smart meter installation will be free in most circumstances. However in the event there are any costs associated with the smart meter install, Powershop will contact you prior to any work and seek your agreement to the costs.

  • Your details

  • Your meter

  • Don't know what this is? It stands for National Meter Identifier and you can find it on your electicity bill.

  • (A smart meter cannot be installed if there is inadequate mobile phone reception).

  • Hazards & access

  • To complete the meter exchange, the installer requires safe and unhindered access to the existing metering installation.

  • E.g. dogs in the same area as the meter.

  • Photos of your meter board

  • This form accepts up to five photos, but we only really need one wide shot of your meter board and inverter.

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