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Help your solar perform better

With our competitive solar feed-in tariffs and detailed solar insights in the Powershop app, you’ll have everything you need to get the most out of your solar panels when you join Powershop.

Our solar customers enjoy:

  • Competitive solar feed-in rates and great energy prices.

  • Detailed solar insights with the Powershop app and online portal to help you use your solar.

  • Award winning customer service to support you with any solar queries.

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Use the solar you’re generating at your home

If you install solar, you’ll most likely have a net meter. Net metering allows solar customers to be paid for any excess generation that has not been consumed by the household.

However in general, you’re better off using the solar power your panels generate rather than exporting it, and our solar monitoring tools can help you do that.

Benefits of net metering:

  • Excess solar you generate and don’t use is exported to the grid and you receive solar credits in return.

  • With the Powershop app, you can see how much solar you’re sending to the grid.

Your solar energy insights with the Powershop app

Your solar energy insights with the mobile app

Powershop solar customers can track their energy and solar performance with the Powershop app and online tools. 

Since the solar energy you generate is free from the sun, it’s generally better to use it rather than pay for energy from the grid. The Powershop app can help you do this.

With Powershop’s solar monitoring app you can see:

  • How much solar you have fed into the grid in half hourly and daily time periods.

  • When you’re not using any energy from the grid and instead using all your solar energy.

These insights will help you use your solar panels to your advantage to get the best savings.

Your solar energy questions answered

Our most frequently asked questions about solar energy are answered below. Need more info?