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Lodge a meter read

You’re probably on this page because you have received an estimated bill from us.

Request an adjusted electricity or gas bill by sending us a meter read using the form below.

We’d rather not send you an estimated bill but sometimes we don’t have an actual meter read to calculate your bill from.

Your distributor should be reading your meter about every three months. Here are three reasons why we might not have received an actual read:

  • Your meter is read every three months, but your monthly bill has been issued for a period when an actual read hasn’t been scheduled.

  • The meter reader was unable to obtain a reading due to access issues at your property (for example a locked gate or a terrifying dog etc...).

  • There is a metering issue at your property that means a reading can’t be obtained. This could include a display issue with your meter or other issues that prevent your distributor reading your meter.

If the reason for the estimated reading was one of the first two above, then you can request an adjustment to your electricity or gas bill by providing us with a ‘customer read estimate’ before the due date of your bill. A customer read estimate is when we use the meter read you submit to calculate your bill.

If the reason for the estimated reading was the third point above, unfortunately you can’t submit a customer read estimate. In this case, your distributor or metering coordinator will have sent us a notification setting out the reason why a reading can’t be obtained, so we’ll be in touch separately to arrange the replacement of your meter.

Avoiding estimated bills

The best way to avoid estimated bills in the future is by asking us to arrange for a smart meter installation at your property. These are often free* of charge and will record your consumption each day to the nearest half-hour. Learn more and request a smart meter here.

Submit your customer read estimate below

For Powershop to accept your customer read estimate, you can provide us with a photo. Your photo must:

  • be timestamped, so we can add it to your account accurately. Most cameras and phones do this automatically; and

  • clearly show the meter reading as well as the meter serial number. You can find your meter serial number on your bill.

  • If your self-read isn’t accepted, we’ll be in touch to let you know why. If you’re not satisfied with our response, you can lodge a complaint with us. You can view our complaints policy here. Otherwise, you can request a bill review or refer your complaint to the Energy & Water Ombudsman in your state.

How to read your meter

Lodge a meter read