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Concession consent

For compliance and privacy purposes can you please indicate that you understand and consent to the following:

You are an eligible concession card holder and wish to obtain the relevant state government concession and/or rebate applicable for that jurisdiction, you authorise:

a. Powershop to use Centrelink Confirmation eServices to perform a Centrelink or Department of Veteran’s Affairs enquiry of your Centrelink or Department of Veteran’s Affairs customer details and concession card status in order to enable us to determine if you qualify for a concession or rebate; and

b. The Australian Government Department of Human Services to provide the results of that enquiry to Powershop. You understand that:

c. The Department of Human Services will use information you have provided to Powershop to confirm your eligibility for concessions or rebates and will disclose to Powershop personal information including your name, address, payment and concession card type and status;

d. This consent remains valid while you are a customer of Powershop unless you withdraw it by contacting Powershop or the Department of Human Services;

e. You can obtain proof of your circumstances or details from the Department of Human Services and provide it to Powershop so that your eligibility for the concession or rebate can be determined; and

f. If you withdraw your consent or do not alternatively provide proof of your circumstances or details, you may not be eligible for the concession or rebate provided by Powershop.