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Victoria Concessions

To be eligible for any of these concessions you must be a resident of Victoria, and hold one of the listed eligible cards. If you’re not a resident of Victoria, click on your state below:

Eligible cards:

  • hold one of the following valid concession cards:

    • a Pensioner Concession Card issued by Centrelink or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA);

    • a Health Care Card issued by Centrelink; or

    • a DVA Gold Card;

  • have a principal place of residence in Victoria (you may only claim a concession for your principal place of residence, which is deemed to be the address on your concession card); and

  • not be seeking the concession in respect of a commercial property (ie the energy account must be for residential use only).

The following cards are not eligible for energy concessions:

  • Commonwealth Seniors Card

  • Victorian Seniors Card

  • Careers Allowance Health Care Card

  • Foster Care Health Care Card

  • Veterans Affairs White Card for Specific Conditions

  • Veterans Affairs Gold Card Dependent

Any additional eligibility requirements associated with a particular concession type are detailed below.

To register your concession card, please fill out your concession details here.

Please note, the information provided on this page is current as at 16 August 2019. We take reasonable steps to keep this information up to date, however you can always confirm the information applicable to your circumstances through the relevant government website.

Concessions and Rebates