Our energy prices are changing

We recognise the rising cost of energy and we’re here to provide support to our customers. This page has all the important information about our price changes.

How can we support our customers?

We’re here to inform you. We’ll always work hard to make sure our customers can make informed decisions about their energy, and we’re committed to giving you the important info in the clearest way possible.

We’re here to support you. If you’re having trouble paying your Powershop energy bills – for any reason – please get in touch so we can help.

We’re here to give you options. We’ve got tools to help you better understand and control your usage and budget, like our app and online portal.

We’re here to answer questions. Changing prices can be a bit confusing but we’re here to help explain. If this page doesn’t answer your question, reach out and we’ll be here to help.

When will the prices change?

It depends where you are, and what kind of energy you’re using with Powershop.

In NSW, Queensland or South Australia

  • If you have a gas, electricity or solar account, your prices will change on 1 July 2023.
  • If you have GreenPower, your GreenPower prices will change on 1 August 2023.
  • If you sign up between 13 June and 30 June your gas, electricity or solar account prices will change on 26 July 2023.

In Victoria

  • If you’re on our electricity Victorian Default Offer, your prices will change on 1 July 2023.
  • If you’re on an electricity market offer plan, your prices will change on 1 August 2023.
  • If you’re on a gas market offer, your prices may change on 1 August 2023.
  • If you have GreenPower, your GreenPower prices will change on 1 August 2023.

We’ll send you an email about your changing prices at least five business days before it happens (or 10 business days before if you’re in Queensland). In Victoria, it’ll include a comparison of your new and existing rates, and an estimate of how much your costs will change based on your past usage.

Why are energy prices changing?

Our energy prices are influenced by a number of factors, including increases in underlying wholesale energy costs and changes in network and other costs of providing energy to customers. The pricing in your bill is impacted by all the different parts of the energy supply chain that work together to get energy to your property. This includes:

Wholesale costs: These are the costs of purchasing and supplying gas and electricity from the wholesale market. The change to these costs stems from various factors including local and global conditions impacting supply and demand.

Network costs: The costs of managing and maintaining the distribution network to transport energy to your property have also changed and this influences the cost of our energy offers.

Environmental costs: These are the costs of complying with important regulatory environmental initiatives.

Retailer costs and margins: The costs for looking after our customers, including managing customer data and billing, developing tools like the Powershop app and running our award-winning Customer Care team.

Having trouble paying your bill?

There’s a whole range of things we can do to help out – including setting up a payment arrangement that fits your situation, and making sure you’re getting any government concessions, rebates or grants you’re entitled to. Here are some examples of ways we can help:

  • flexible and extended payment arrangements
  • tailored payment plans
  • relief offers
  • hardship program
  • info on government and non-government assistance programs
  • info and tools to help you lower your energy usage

If you’re struggling to pay your Powershop energy bills – for any reason – don’t keep it to yourself; email us at or call 1800 515 313.


We’ll send you an email about your price change at least five business days before it happens (or 10 business days before if you’re in Queensland). In Victoria, it’ll include a comparison of your new and existing rates, and an estimate of how much it’ll increase your costs, based on your past usage.

If you don’t see it, take a look in your spam folder, just to make sure it hasn’t landed there by mistake. If we are unable to reach you by email, we will send it to you in the post.

Any new customer who signs up from 1 June will be informed that prices will increase.  There is information on our website and in welcome packs to this effect.  All customers who have signed up will be sent an email before the price change occurs notifying them of the current and new rates as well as the date the price change will occur.


In the four states Powershop operates in, there is generally one price change a year for both electricity and gas, which generally occurs mid-year.

There’s been an exception this year in Victoria, where to bring Victoria in line with the other eastern Australian states, gas prices for our market offer may change twice – on 1 February and 1 August.

If you are a customer on a standing offer, these prices can be changed no more than once every six months.

There is a chance you might be notified of a tariff change. Part of your gas or electricity bill is a network tariff, which is set by your local distribution company – the people that own and operate the networks that bring gas or electricity to you. Since there are different distribution networks operating in different areas, these tariff prices vary depending on where you are.

It might help to know that some tariffs have recently changed as part of an initiative to make them better match the actual cost of using energy at different times of the day.

Changes in solar feed-in tariffs can be generally attributed to the supply and demand dynamics of the wholesale energy market during periods of solar generation. We update our feed-in tariffs from time to time and to take into account the cost of the wholesale energy during those time periods. Having your own solar generation is a great way to help reduce your overall bill.

GreenPower is a government accredited program aimed to support new renewable projects in Australia – retailers purchase Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) to cover the amount of GreenPower their customers purchase. We change our GreenPower rates from time to time taking into account changes related to the supply and demand of LGCs, including the volume of eligible renewable energy generation in Australia, which the GreenPower program aims to incentivise.

You can use the app or website to top up your account as you go, paying when it works for you.

If you’d rather make smaller payments each fortnight, for example, to match when you get paid, you can totally do that. When your power bill comes due, any credit you’ve already paid will automatically be deducted from your bill – which can be a big help with minimising bill shock.


It depends which kind of energy we’re talking about. For electricity, you’ll be billed monthly.

For gas, in NSW you’ll be billed quarterly. In Victoria, it’s every two months. Business customers can request quarterly bills.

(Of course, you can also top up your account whenever it suits you – come bill time, any credit in your account will go towards paying off your bill.)

The federal government is partnering with states and territories to help with electricity bills for eligible households and small businesses.

You can get more details on the relief fund here.

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