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How can I lower my energy bill?

At Powershop we believe it’s important to have all the tips and tricks at your fingertips to have control over your energy usage. Using these insights, you can change up your usage behaviours and help lower your energy bill.

Get to know your Powerpacks

If you have access to the Powershop Shop we offer Powerpacks as a way to purchase power that supports your budget. You can buy a Powerpack to cover your past, current or future energy usage.

Powerpacks are great way to make small regular payments when you have money available to avoid receiving a large bill at the end of the billing period.

What kind of Powerpacks are available?

These are only some of the Powerpacks we have on offer – we’ve got packs to help support the community and our environment.

Top Up Pack

Top Up your account anytime. Simply select how much you’d like to purchase and complete your payment and you’re done. This is great for budgeting and offers flexibility on how you pay for your energy.

GreenPower Powerpack

Pay a small premium for accredited GreenPower, the government accredited scheme that supports renewable energy development in Australia. Just choose the $ amount you’d like to spend on GreenPower.

Special loyalty and reward packs

Keep an eye out for a range of Powerpacks that appear in the Shop. Anything from Welcome Packs, Instant Saver Packs, Future Saver Packs,  Anniversary Packs, Day Saver Packs and Mega Saver Packs.

Future Savings

Imagine being on top of your bills with pocketed savings every month. Save $ when you pre-purchase the pack to cover your energy usage in advance.

Take advantage of the buy now and pay later option

If you’d like a bit of extra time to pay the outstanding amount in your ‘bill coming’ email can still lock in the ‘Power Saver’ discount using the “buy now, and pay later” option.

Usage tools to help lower your consumption

The best way to lower your bills is to lower your energy consumption – the less energy you use the less you have to pay! We also understand that this is easier said than done and encourage you to reduce usage where you practically can.

The first step in reducing your bills is to understand the energy usage at your property. We provide you with a range of usage tools in your online account and on the Powershop app to get you in the know.

In the Powershop app

Daily usage graph

In the Powershop app, your daily electricity usage graph is the larger pink bar graph. This shows your daily electricity usage, which you can easily compare to other days, the cost per day and how many kilowatt hours you’ve used.

The smaller pink bar graph below that breaks your usage down even further with half-hourly representations for when you’re using electricity.

If you have gas at your property, you’ll be able to see your daily usage, what this costs per day and how many megajoules you’ve used.

HINT: If you notice an unusually high spike in electricity usage at certain times, think of what appliances you might have turned on and how you might better use it.

Monthly insights

If you’re keen to look at how your usage data has changed from month to month, head to the insights tab. The bar graph shows the cost per month and below you can also see the average cost and kilowatt hours used per day within that month. If you have gas at your property you can access the same insights under your gas account in the app.

HINT: Monthly insights is a great way to see the impact of changing seasons on energy usage.