Switch your mates

Looks like you clicked your friend’s referral link and you’re thinking about joining Powershop. Well, we’re keen as a bean to get you on board so we’ve applied a sweet promotion to your sign up that’s great for you and your mate.

You’ve landed here because one of your mates or family members seems to like us. You can switch your electricity to Powershop through the link below, and to welcome you aboard you’ll get a $75 discount off your Powershop bills and so will your mates to thank them for spreading the good word.

Because you know someone who's already with Powershop, they may have told you how it all works. Just in case they haven't, here's the gist:

  • First up, rest easy, with Powershop there are no lock-in contracts, no exit fees (we’ll also cover any exit fees you are stung with by your previous retailer up to $75) and there’s definitely no sneaky credit card or bank fees. On top of that, we don’t charge you for your loyalty, so you’ll always know that with us you’re on the best deal available to you.
  • We’re all about helping you get back in control of your power. Through our app (which you should definitely make room for in your phone) and online account, we give you heaps of information to help you get in control of how much power you’re using, so you can use less and save more money along the way.
  • Sign up to Powershop through this page and we'll welcome you to Powershop with a $75 discount applied in three monthly instalments of $25 to your Powershop bill, so you won’t pay a full bill for three months!
  • It only takes a few minutes, we'll handle the whole process for you (no need to contact your old supplier) and your power won't be interrupted.

While we’ve got you, you’ll be happy to know that you’re joining Australia’s Greenest Power Company (ranked by Greenpeace) and all the power we supply to our customers is 100% carbon neutral, at no extra cost to you.

Powershop – Welcome to a better power company.

Stuck? Call us on 1800 462 668 and talk to a real person. We're happy to help.

Here are a few big ticket reasons for you to make the switch.

We’re the greenest, and we like it

We’ve even been recognised as Australia’s greenest power company for three years running by Greenpeace. Read more

We make home and business energy 100% carbon neutral

We offset all carbon emissions associated with your energy usage and we don't charge you for it - making you as neutral as Switzerland. Read more

We love renewable generation

We have renewable assets across Victoria, NSW and South Australia and renewable power purchase agreements to keep us nice and green. Read more

We help you get the most from your solar

Our app and desktop site have intuitive tools to provide awesome details on your solar insights. Read more

We’re about convenience and savings

You can keep tabs on your energy usage, pay your bill and refer friends for discounts all in one handy app. Read more

Basic Plan Information Documents are available at www.powershop.com.au/basic-plan-information

If you’re in Victoria, find your rates here: www.powershop.com.au/find-your-rates-residential