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Solar, so good! Thinking about benefiting from those sweet, sweet rays? Get the deets here.

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Got solar? Well, we've got some tools just for you! It's great to see what that sunshine is doing for your energy usage. Watch this vid for all the solar insights available to our solar customers!

Power Pointers – Solar insights - Watch video

Yes. Powershop currently supports solar in both Victoria, New South Wales and South East QLD for residential and business customers.

Does Powershop support solar? - Read more

Details of feed-in and export generation can be found on your monthly bill email under ‘Usage’.

Can I see my feed-in on my bill? - Read more

Yes. Customers can manually enter meter usage readings themselves. Read all about it here: https://www.powershop.com.au/help-centre/meter-know-how/how-do-i-read-my-meter/

Can solar customers with basic meters enter their own meter readings? - Read more

Yes. Powershop customers with basic meters can enter their own feed-in readings. If you do enter your own feed-in reading, we’ll issue your solar rebate as a power credit as usual. However, we cannot refund this power credit to your bank account unless we have an official reading from your distributor.

Can solar customers with basic meters enter their own feed-in readings? - Read more

Net Metering allows solar customers to be paid for any excess generation that has not been consumed by the household. Gross Metering means all of the solar generation is exported straight to the grid and solar customers are paid for all of their solar generation.

What is the difference between Net and Gross solar metering? - Read more

The total value of a customer’s solar generation will appear as a power credit in their Powershop account once a month at the time of billing. Once your solar rebate has been issued you’ll be able to use it to purchase Powerpacks.

How and when do customers receive feed-in rebates? - Read more

Solar customers with smart meters can view their consumption on their Feed-In Heat Map tool. This functionality is currently unavailable for solar customers with basic meters.

Can solar customers use Powershop’s online usage tools and Heat Map? - Read more

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