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What are the different types of Powerpack?

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Our Powerpacks come in various amounts to suit your budget and how much power you need at the time.

Top Up Pack: Our Top Up Packs are your great everyday rates. These packs don’t include a discount but are a great rate and 100% carbon offset. Powershoppers enjoy the flexibility of this pack – buying larger or smaller amounts of this pack at times that it suits their budget. If you have any outstanding amount on your account at bill time, we’ll cover this with an automatic purchase of the Top Up Pack.

Future Savings: Future Saving Packs cover your energy usage in advance. These packs come with a saving that gets bigger the further out you buy them. Future Saving Packs are a buy now save later option for the savvy Powershopper.

GreenPower pack: Pay a small premium and reduce your energy’s carbon footprint with accredited GreenPower, the government accredited scheme that supports renewable energy development in Australia.

Loyalty and reward packs: We want to reward and recognise customers for being part of the loyal Powershop community. These packs will pop up in your shop usually accompanied by an email to let you know that there’s something special available to you.

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