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Discover what makes up your power price, how to work out your rates and understand your tariff.

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Learn how to check your rates with different Powerpacks through your account on the Powershop website!

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It takes more than just Powershop to get electricity to your property. There’s a whole supply chain and everyone’s responsible for doing their bit. That means the pricing in your power bill is made up of a lot of different elements.

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Your rates are made up of a daily fixed charge and a charge for every kilowatt hour (kWh) of power you use.

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Your ‘Daily supply charge’ is a fixed daily amount that is charged as part of the metering and distribution services provided by the distribution company that looks after your area.

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Your tariff reflects the way your meter is set up. The most common set-ups are ‘Anytime’ (Single Rate), ‘Peak and Off Peak’ or ‘Controlled Load’ (Two Rate or Time of Use) and ‘Flexible’ (Peak, Shoulder and Off Peak).

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Every year, everyone involved in the supply chain reviews their costs and decides what to charge energy retailers like us.

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Tariff rate information and times.

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Find out when your demand charges apply and other details.

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