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You can add money to your Powershop account anytime you like.

Log in, go to ‘Transactions’, select ‘Account Statement’ then click on ‘Make a payment’ and fill in the details.

Yes you can. If a scheduled payment date (a payment on your account triggered by Powershop) doesn’t suit, you can change the date.

You can do this by logging in to your online account and going to the ‘Transactions’ tab. Click on ‘Move Payment Date’ and follow the instructions. This button will only appear when a payment has been scheduled. There is a limit to how far you can move it.

Yes. You can set up an automatic payment using BPAY. You can find our BPAY details on your Account Review.

You can nominate either a direct debit or credit card as your preferred payment method. We’ll then use this payment method when an auto-payment is created on your account (for example when you buy a Powerpack).

We’ll also use this method of payment if you have an outstanding balance on your bill due date.

You can set up and edit your preferred payment method by going to ‘Account Preferences’ in ‘Settings’ in your account. You can also add other bank accounts/cards.

Here are the few ways you can pay:

By credit card — we accept Visa, American Express and Mastercard, and we don’t charge any credit card fees.

By direct debit — If you set up a direct debit on your Powershop account, we take $1 from your bank account to make sure the bank account details we have for you are correct. The money is then added to your Powershop account (not your bank account) as an account credit for future use.

By BPAY — you can use BPAY to make a payment on your Powershop account at any time. To do this, log in to your internet banking and follow your bank’s bill payment process instructions.

You can find Powershops biller code and your reference number on your bill and the PDF attached to it. You can also buy Powerpacks using BPAY. You’ll be given this option when you proceed through the checkout to pay.

When you buy power yourself from the Shop, the money will be debited from your credit card or bank account immediately.

If we need to take payment on your bill due date, the money will be debited at that time.

If paying on the date we’ve scheduled is going to be a problem you can move your payment date.

Yes. If you’d prefer to buy separate Powerpacks or make separate payments for different properties, let us know — call us on 1800 462 668.

Your Powershop bill is an email with an attached PDF. The attached PDF summarises:

  • how much power you’ve used over the month;
  • how much that power cost;
  • which Powerpacks have been used to cover this cost;
  • your meter readings;
  • whether or not you still have anything to pay on your account;
  • any grants, credits or refunds you’ve received that month;
  • if you have solar, your solar feed-in rebate; and
  • if you hold a concession, your concession rebate.

You can also see all of your transactions and bills online under the ‘Transactions’ tab on your desktop, or ‘Account History’ on the mobile app.

We don’t process payments of less than $1. If your account has less than $1 owing we will ask you to pay this amount as part of your next transaction.

If you set up a direct debit on your Powershop account, we take $1 from your bank account to make sure the bank account details we have for you are correct. The money is then added to your Powershop account (not your bank account) for future use.

We send you a bill once a month. This will show you the Powerpacks you’ve purchased through the month or in advance and if there is any outstanding amount owing on your account, we’ll cover it with an automatic purchase of the Top Up Pack.

You can check to see when you’ll receive your bill by logging in to your desktop account or above the Balance Circles on the mobile app. The start date is circled in your Power Organiser (the calendar on the right of your ‘Balance’ in your desktop account).

No, there is no requirement to pay in advance to keep your power going. You will not be cut-off just because you haven’t logged in and bought power during the month.


Your ‘Daily supply charge’ is a fixed daily amount that is charged as part of the metering and distribution services provided by the distribution company that looks after your area.

You can find your daily charge in your desktop account by heading to ‘Usage’ and then ‘Your Rates’. Not sure who your distributor is? Head here.

Your tariff reflects the way your meter is set up. The most common set-ups are ‘Anytime’ (Single Rate), ‘Peak and Off Peak’ or ‘Controlled Load’ (Two Rate or Time of Use) and ‘Flexible’ (Peak, Shoulder and Off Peak).

Energy tariffs change from household-to-household. There’s more information on each in your Energy Price Fact Sheets here.

Your rates are made up of a daily fixed charge (a daily supply charge) and charges for every kilowatt hour (kWh) of power you use.

You can see what your rates are by logging in to your desktop account. Select the ‘Usage’ tab, then ‘Your Rates’ on the left. If you have more than one property, you can flick between the rates for each property in the drop-down menu of ‘Your Rates’.

What you’ll actually see on your power bill includes:

  • Usage charges – that’s to cover the electricity you’ve used.
  • Daily supply charge – this includes a distribution charge that covers the maintenance of the poles and wires that gets electricity to your property.
  • GST – GST is applied to your usage and daily supply charge.


Please note that these are standard service fees. Where additional work is required by an electrician or your distributor, or you live in a rural or remote area, an additional fee may apply. We may pass on to you any fees we receive from a distributor or other third party in relation to work performed at your request or work required because you have not complied with your obligations.

It is important that you provide clear access to complete the service you have requested. If you fail to meet an arranged appointment or provide access, you will still be required to pay the fee for the service requested.

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Electricity Fees

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