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Electricity fees

From time to time, work may be required at your property which incur a fee for service. When you use a service we will charge the fee to your Powershop account. This information will be updated from time to time as the cost of providing these services may change.

Find your local energy distributor below to see a list of common service fees. Some services might involve extra charges not listed here – if that’s the case we’ll let you know when you request the service from us. 

Finding your distributor 

You can find out who your local electricity distributors are on the Australian Energy Regulator’s  website. If you’ve got a Powershop bill handy, you can also find your distributors’ details under the ‘Faults and Emergencies’ section. 

How service fees work 

Even though they’re coordinated through Powershop, any services that need to happen physically at your property are done by your local energy distributor or metering coordinator. The costs for those services are charged to Powershop, and then passed on to you.  

Extra fees for customer error 

If you ask us to request a service from your energy distributor or metering coordinator, but the service can’t happen because of an error on your side of things (for example, if a visit was scheduled but they couldn’t get access to the property), a fee is charged to Powershop that we then pass on to you. That fee could be lower, the same or even higher than the actual service request cost, depending on the policy of your distributor or metering coordinator.   


Fees for different Victorian distributors:

New South Wales

Fees for New South Wales distributors:


Fees for Queensland distributors:

South Australia

Fees for South Australian distributors:

Visit Fees Explained to find out more about fees.