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Yes! As a PowershopLITE customer, you can choose to cover 10%, 25%, 50% or 100% of your usage with GreenPower.

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Simply log into your online account, head to ‘Settings’ and then ‘GreenPower’. You’ll see the option to choose a range of GreenPower cover from none to 100%. Choose the percentage of cover you want and then click ‘Save changes’. You will then be charged your nominated level of GreenPower at your next Account Review.

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No. If you have electricity and gas at your property, you’ll have the same experience for both accounts.

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If you have multiple properties under the one account number, all properties must share the same experience. So they’ll either all be Shopper or all PowershopLITE.

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With Powershop, you can choose our original Shop or be a PowershopLITE customer. It’s up to you and what suits your energy needs. Basically, the biggest difference is that with PowershopLITE, you don’t get access to the Shop and the extra savings you get from buying discounted Powerpacks.

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