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Energy saving tips

Looking to improve the energy efficiency of your appliances at home or work? Read below for some suggestions of good places to start.

Thought about getting solar?

Powershop can help take the stress out of looking for a quality solar installer. We have done the hard work for you by handpicking a panel of solar installers to participate in our solar advisory service, Better Solar.

Make sure you get a smart meter for no up front cost from Powershop!

If you don’t already have one – a smart meter can help you get in control of your usage. With a smart meter, Powershop will show your energy usage in 30 minute intervals so you can work out what’s using up power and make decisions to change your behaviour to use less! Click here to request a smart meter.

Victorian Energy Upgrades

A Victorian Government program providing households and businesses with access to discounts on energy-efficient products and services.

Energy Rating Calculator

Compare the energy efficiency of fridges televisions, computer monitors, clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers, and air conditioners.

Energy Efficiency Council

The Energy Efficiency Council is the peak body for energy efficiency, cogeneration and demand management in Australia.

Get LED lights

This free down light and $99 installation offer applies to Victoria only, thanks to the rebates available under the VEET scheme.