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Concession type Eligibility How to apply
Family Energy Rebate 1. Concession cardholder
2. Receipt of Family Tax Benefit
Medical Energy Rebate 1. Concession cardholder
2. Verified qualifying medical condition
Life Support Rebate 1. Concession cardholder
2. Registered as requiring Life Support equipment with Powershop
3. Verified qualifying medical condition
Energy Accounts Payment Assistance Scheme 1. Concession cardholder
2. Have a controlled tariff type
EAPA providers
Appliance Replacement 1. Concession cardholder
2. Appropriate appliances

To be eligible for any of these concessions you must be a resident of New South Wales, a Powershop customer and hold one of the following cards:

  • Pensioner Concession Card;
  • Commonwealth Health Care Card; or
  • DVA Gold Card.

Holders of a Commonwealth Health Care Card for Carer Allowance and Foster Care issued in the name of the child are not eligible. Holders of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Cards marked ‘Dependent’ are not eligible.

Any additional eligibility requirements are provided below.

Low Income Household Rebate
The Low Income Household Rebate (LIHR) is available to eligible NSW households who need financial assistance with their electricity bills. The LIHR provides:

  • $285* (excluding GST) a year to eligible customers; or
  • $258.50* a year to eligible long-term residents of residential communities (caravan and mobile home parks) and retirement villages who receive electricity bills from their community operators.

The LIHR amount of $285* each financial year is calculated per bill and applied daily by Powershop.

For more information or to apply online please visit the Department of Resources & Energy website.

Family Energy Rebate

Applications for the 2019/20 Family Energy Rebate will be opening again in late July 2019.

The Family Energy Rebate (FER) assists eligible NSW family households with dependent children to cover the costs of their energy bills. The FER is a one off credit applied to only one of your Powershop bills, once per financial year.

The FER is available to applicants who were eligible for and received the Family Tax Benefit from the NSW Department of Human Services (NSW DHS) and the FER was finalised by NSW DHS prior to your application, in the previous financial year. The recipient of the Family Tax Benefit must be the account holder on your Powershop account.

Once your application is approved by the NSW DHS you will qualify for either a full or partial FER payment. If you qualify for the partial payment of $20.00*, then you are also entitled to the LIHR. The full payment entitles you to a $180.00* credit on your Powershop bill, once per financial year.

For more information or to apply online please visit the Department of Resources & Energy website

Note: Powershop do not process applications for the Family Energy Rebate. Please apply directly with the Department.

Medical Energy Rebate
The Medical Energy Rebate (MER) provides eligible NSW customers with certain medical conditions with a rebate to help cover the cost of electricity.

The MER is for customers with medical conditions including but not limited to Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. To be eligible for the MER a customer will require a separate diagnosis that they are unable to self-regulate their body temperature.

The MER provides:

  • $285* (excluding GST) a year to eligible customers; or
  • $258.50* a year to eligible residents of on-supplied residential communities, retirement villages and strata schemes.

Medical Energy Rebate eligibility

In addition to the eligibility requirements stated above, customers must also complete a MER application form and have it signed by a registered medical practitioner verifying that they, or someone at their household, has an inability to self-regulate body temperature. The medical practitioner must not be the applicant and have been treating the customer for at least 3 months. The applicant must meet at least 1 of the Primary Qualifying Conditions; and meet at least 1 of the Secondary Qualifying Conditions.

The Primary Qualifying Conditions are:

  • Autonomic system dysfunction: Medical conditions in which the autonomic system has been damaged, for example severe spinal cord injury, stroke, brain injury and neurodegenerative disorders.
  • Loss of skin integrity or loss of sweating capacity: for example people with significant burns greater than 20 per cent, severe inflammatory skin conditions and some rare forms of disordered sweating.
  • Objective reduction of physiological functioning at extremes of environmental temperatures: for example people with advanced Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Hypersensitivity to extremes of environmental temperature leading to increased pain or other discomfort or an increased risk of complications; for example, people with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or Advanced Peripheral Vascular Disease.

The Secondary Qualifying Conditions are:

  • Severe immobility (e.g. such as occurs with Quadriplegia or high level paraplegia, particularly above mid thoracic level (T7) resulting in problems with the self-regulation of body temperature due to a loss of sympathetic nervous system control).
  • Demonstrated significant loss of autonomic regulation of sweating, heart rate or blood pressure.
  • Demonstrated loss of physiological function or significant aggravation of clinical condition at extremes of environmental temperature

To apply for a Medical Energy Rebate please download and complete the following form and return to Powershop:

Medical Energy Rebate Application form

For more information or to apply online please visit the Department of Resources & Energy website

Life Support Rebate
The Life Support Rebate (LSR) is available to eligible NSW households who are registered as using Life Support equipment with Powershop.

Only the following approved equipment will be eligible for a Life Support Rebate (LSR):

  • electric mobility devices for quadriplegics; (Note: this does not include mobility scooters)
  • oxygen concentrators;
  • Positive Airways Pressure (PAP) Device;
  • enteral feeding pump;
  • external heart pump;
  • home dialysis;
  • phototherapy equipment;
  • Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) pump; or
  • ventilators (Note: This does not include nebulizers, humidifiers or vaporizers).

To receive your LSR please download the following form and return to Powershop:

Life Support Rebate Application form

Even if you are not eligible for a Life Support concession you still need to register your property as using Life Support. This will ensure the ongoing supply of electricity and your safety. Please refer to our Life Support page for more information on Life Support.

Energy Accounts Payment Assistance Scheme
Energy Accounts Payment Assistance (EAPA) Scheme is available to customers who are experiencing short-term financial crisis and are unable to pay their electricity bills.

EAPA vouchers are issued by participating EAPA providers (refer to the list below). The EAPA Scheme operates through a voucher system and each voucher is worth $50, with a maximum of 12 vouchers available per customer*.

To receive EAPA vouchers customers must contact an EAPA provider, arrange an appointment and discuss their individual situation. EAPA vouchers are issued based on customers’ individual circumstances. Once a voucher is issued, the EAPA provider will provide the information to the NSW Government who will then provide this information to Powershop. Powershop will deduct the value of the voucher from your account.

For a list of participating EAPA providers please download the following contact list:

Contact List of EAPA Providers

IMPORTANT: The EAPA vouchers provided may not cover all of the outstanding balance of your Powershop account. You will need to contact Powershop to discuss payment of the remaining balance.

For more information or to apply online please visit the Department of Resources & Energy website

Appliance Replacement
The NSW Office of Environment & Heritage has an appliance replacement program in place to assist customers in reducing their electricity bills by purchasing newer, more efficient appliances.

To be eligible for an appliance replacement offer you must:

  • be a NSW resident; and
  • hold one of the following:
    • Pensioner Concession Card;
    • Commonwealth Health Care Card or Low Income Health Care Card; or
    • Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card;
      (NOTE: Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders are not eligible for this offer)
  • own a fridge 6 years old, or older, and want to replace it; or
  • own a plasma or cathode ray tube (CRT) television and want to replace it.

To apply, please visit the Department’s website and scroll down to the green ‘APPLY ONLINE’ button.

*All amounts referred to are current as at 15 December 2017. We suggest you refer to the relevant concession website to confirm exact amount.