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What are the benefits of solar energy?

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What are the benefits of solar energy?
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There are lots of solar energy benefits and heaps of reasons it’s so good. If you have just installed solar or you’re thinking about it, here are some very sunny reasons that people are loving solar.

1. It’s good for the environment

It’s renewable and a great alternative to fossil fuels, especially in sun soaked countries like Australia. The more people invest in solar, the less we have to rely on coal and other fossil fuels.

2. It’ll help reduce your electricity bills

Installing solar panels on your roof could save you money on your electricity bill, because when you use the energy they generate, you’re not buying electricity from the grid!

3. It’s free energy!

Other than the initial investment, the solar energy that your panels produce is free! So you can use it, or export it to the grid (we highly recommend using it if you can).

4. They have low maintenance costs

If you have solar panels installed, it’s definitely worth keeping them well maintained so that they’re performing at their peak. The average cost of an annual inspection with a qualified inspector is about $150.

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