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Powershop and the Energy Charter

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Powershop and the Energy Charter
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The energy industry has lots of work to do - it’s far too confusing and lacking innovation for customers. Our vision is to change the energy industry for good by being a transparent, fair and greener power company - this is what guides everything we do, from the way we treat our customers to pushing for policy change at the government level, to being the ONLY power company in Australia that is 100% carbon neutral.

As part of our commitment to customers, our CEO, Ed McManus, has joined other CEOs from the industry by signing the Energy Charter.

What is the Energy Charter?

Fifteen CEOs from across the gas and electricity industry have committed to developing a consumer charter to progress the culture and solutions required to deliver energy in line with community expectations.
All signatories of the charter are committing to putting customers as the focus within their businesses so that customers can feel confident about their choices and that the energy sector is working in their best interests.

How does it work?

The Energy Charter itself will be a principles-based regime which sets out five key principles to advance the industry while setting practical initiatives for progress.

Adoption is voluntary, but those who commit to the Energy Charter will agree to publicly identify how they are delivering against the principles and provide positive outcomes for customers.


It’s just another thing we’re doing here at Powershop to do right by our customers.

Tell us what you think.

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