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New Energy Revolution at Powershop Labs

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New Energy Revolution at Powershop Labs
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Powershop was thrilled to have hosted ‘New Energy Revolution’ – a Melbourne Knowledge Week event last week.

<p class=”u-font-p1″>Which included a showcase of exciting energy start-ups and an insightful panel discussion with industry experts that revealed the latest technology, concepts and challenges that lie ahead in the world of new energy. </p>

Our first speaker, Cameron Knox, CEO of Allume Energy kicked things off with his presentation on Allume’s ‘pay for power, not panels’ model that aims to make solar accessible and affordable for apartment residents. Allume’s unique distribution technology allows residents to share a single solar asset on their common roof that facilitates maximum self-consumption of solar and participants pay only for what they use from the system.Cameron was followed by Zoran Angelovski and Tom Wall from DiUS who gave the audience an insight into the solar sensor trial they ran in partnership with Powershop, which gave fifty homes real-time information regarding their solar export and household usage. Zoran described this technology as a “FitBit for your home” – we couldn’t agree more!

Dr Yasmina Dkhissi from Monash Energy Transformation concluded the first half of the event by sharing Monash’s exciting journey towards aiming to create campuses that are powered by 100% renewable generation. Starting with Monash’s campus in Clayton, Yasmina and her team are building a micro-grid that effectively coordinates and manages multiples sources of renewable energy – aiming to create a replicable model that communities can benefit from.

Thanks to the showcase presenters, all those in attendance were able to get an enlightening look at the way Melbourne’s start-up community are tackling issues faced by customers and the energy industry as a whole.

In the second half, Powershop CEO Ed McManus facilitated an interactive panel discussion and Q&A session with industry experts; Professor Michael Brear, Director Melbourne Energy Institute, Gavin Dufty, Manager Policy and Research, St Vincent de Paul Society and Donna Luckman, CEO Alternative Technology Association. The panellists shared insights about what they considered were future challenges for the energy industry and offered ideas to overcome these problems. They concluded their discussion by stressing the need for greater industry-wide collaboration, transparency and consumer protection in this ever-changing energy landscape.

We loved having the guests and all those who attended at Powershop Labs and hope to be a part of Melbourne Knowledge Week again next year!

Here are some tweets from the event:

Kate Dinon @katedinon:

CEO @McManus_Ed kicking off the @PowershopAus energy event 

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Powershop Australia @PowershopAus:
Our 1st speaker Cameron from Allume Energy, who’re aiming to make solar accessible & affordable for apartment residents.
MEI @MEIunimelb:
Solar sensor technologists @dius_au – ‘a Fitbit for your home’ measuring energy usage at home
MEI @MEIunimelb:
Takeaways from New Energy Revolution: we need collab & transparency w/ communities & consumer protection in the

Feeling bad that you couldn’t attend the event this year? Don’t worry – you can watch the entire event here:

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