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Thinking about solar? Watch out for scammers

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Thinking about solar? Watch out for scammers
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With the Victorian Government’s recent announcement regarding rebates for installing solar PV systems, there are concerns that scammers pretending to be representatives of the Government are attempting to take advantage of customers trying to access the scheme. News reports raise concern that scammers might be trying to get households to pay for low quality panels and performing unsafe installations by unskilled workers.
It really pays to be cautious as getting panels through a dodgy installer could result in financial losses, could threaten your safety or result in you missing out on your government rebate.

Here are some points to be mindful of as you begin looking into solar.

• Question advertising that makes claims regarding big subsidies.
• Don’t provide bank details over the phone or at the door.
• Be alert to callers claiming to be from the Victorian Government.
• If you’re suspicious, report the call to ScamWatch.
• Consider adding your detail to the Do Not Call Register.
• Check out Consumers Affairs Victoria’s website before buying your solar system.

How can Powershop help?

The whole process of looking for a good installer can be exhausting – that’s why Powershop has launched Better Solar, a free solar advisory service that takes the stress out of knowing where to start when researching solar for your home. We have handpicked a panel of reputable installers accredited by the Clean Energy Council, who have access to continuous professional development and technical support to ensure solar PV installations of super quality.

If you’re interested you can simply share your details here and we’ll put you in touch with our preferred solar installers. They’ll help you get an idea of how much solar might cost, the likely savings you’ll make, the payback period and anything else you need to know. There is absolutely no commitment or obligation for you to proceed – just the information you need, all in the one spot.

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