Tracking energy usage helps to use less and save

With the Powershop app, you have the tools to better understand and manage your energy usage. This helps you change the way you use electricity and gas in your home or business.


You can’t monitor what you can’t see

The app has a daily usage tab to monitor your energy usage and what it costs. See and monitor your electricity and gas usage so you can use less energy and save.

Want to give the app a go before you join? Check out our free app demos:

Powershop app highlights

Track usage

Monitor your usage to better understand your energy habits

Energy history

View your energy rates and usage history

Meter read

Enter a meter reading to keep your estimates accurate

Access GreenPower

Purchase Powerpacks like GreenPower to support new renewable energy generation

Pay your way

Pay for power in advance using future savings Powerpacks

Rewards and more!

Extra savings and rewards from us


You’ve got the power

Our shop gives you flexibility and choice when it comes to:

  • How and when you pay – purchase top-up packs as you go.
  • Find some extra savings and rewards from us.
  • Buy GreenPower – choose to buy any amount of accredited GreenPower.

Want to try out our app?

Demo all the great features and see for yourself!


Power in the palm of your hand

You might think you need to call us, but it’s likely you don’t. Sad for us
because we love our customers but good for you! Check out what
our app can do to save you time:

  • Need to enter a meter read? Easy!
  • View your payment history? No worries!
  • Need to reference your rates and charges? Done!

These things (and more) can be done through the app anytime that suits you. Powershop gives you access to the information you need in the most convenient way possible – in the palm of your hand.


Solar energy monitoring in the app

Hit the solar tab in the Powershop app to see your solar insights.
Here’s what you’ll be able to see:

  • Daily feed-in: shows you how much solar energy you fed into the grid that day.
  • Half hourly feed-in: shows how much your solar fed into the grid in half
    hourly increments for the day you’re viewing in the daily feed-in graph.

Knowledge is power
Usually, it’s better to use the energy you’re generating instead of exporting it.

Jump into the app and check out when you’re generally exporting the most. Is it 1pm? Well set the timer on your dishwasher to start then. 3pm? Good excuse to leave that last load of washing until then. You get the idea.

Your app questions answered

We have a few nifty tools to help you keep an eye on how much power you’re using and understand when you typically use the most, so you’ll have the power to use less and save more. You can see your daily usage, current usage, usage patterns and we have an activity tracker to help explain any spikes or drops in your power usage. Head to the phone app or log in to your account on desktop to see tracking and insights.

When you want to buy power, log in to your account or jump into the app and head to the Shop. Choose a Powerpack to purchase, then simply add the Powerpack to your cart. You’ll be asked to enter how much of that pack you want to buy. If you ever forget to shop for power or if you don’t have time, don’t panic. Powershop isn’t a pre-pay service. We won’t cut you off. We’ll simply bill you for the power you’ve used at the end of your billing period.

A Powerpack is a dollar amount of power. We sell Powerpacks at a range of different discounts in our online Shop, which you can access by logging in to your account from your desktop or mobile app.

If you have a smart meter your current usage is based on your average usage from the last three days. If your meter isn’t smart, your current usage will be an estimate based on your last reading. So the more meter readings you enter, the more accurate your current usage information will be.

Smart meters mean we get more accurate consumption information and they don’t need a human to manually read them. We get your smart meter readings daily.

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