Powershop Winter Hub

The Powershop Winter Hub is your one stop shop to getting in control this winter.

Don’t be left out in the cold – take advantage of our key energy saving actions, advice, tools and handy usage calculator available to you today.

Easy wins to get you in control

Enter a gas meter read

Follow our step-by-step guide giving you the most accurate forecast and tools in your app to plan ahead.

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Access your savings in the Shop

Our Powerpacks are there for you to take advantage of as the mercury drops and usage goes up!

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Download the app to get in the know

If you haven't downloaded the app yet it is an absolute must for winter. From here you can track your usage and grab some savings.

Tools and services to support you

Appliance usage calculator

Eyeballing your little heater and wondering what that’s costing you? Our appliance calculator estimates what appliances are costing you per hour.

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Payment support

Have a look at the support we can offer and if you’re eligible for any energy concessions, rebates or grants in your state.

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Request a smart meter

Live in NSW, SA or QLD and have a basic electricity meter? Request a smart meter today!

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Usage Specialists

A little overwhelmed and need solid advice? Request a call from our friendly usage specialists who can take a peek at the usage behaviors on your account and offer some handy tips for keeping in control.

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Helpful advice

6 tips to lower your winter energy bills

Nobody likes being cold. But running your heater non-stop adds up quickly and can be a nasty surprise on your next energy bill...

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