100% Carbon neutral

Our customer’s energy usage is 100% carbon neutral

First things first let’s explain how electricity is transported to your home or business. Check it out by looking at the image below or scroll down to read more.

1. Generation - Electricity is generated by power plants big, small, dirty, or green.

2. The Grid - This electricity is then sent into the wholesale electrical grid, or simply, “the Grid”.

3. Delivered to you - From the Grid, electricity then gets sent to homes and businesses through distribution lines. (Because all of the energy is combined in the "Grid" we have no control over what type of electricity you get delivered in this step).

In comes the Carbon Neutral Network accreditation
The Carbon Neutral Network accreditation (previously known as NCOS) is backed by the Australian Government. In short this accredits any business that they are carbon neutral from an operations point of view - including the product or service they’re selling, which in our case is electricity and gas! Fun fact - we were the first retail energy provider in Australia to get that tick of approval! Way back in 2014!

But wait - how can the Australian Government say the electricity and gas we provide to our customers is carbon neutral if we can’t say it’s clean renewable energy because it comes from the Grid? That’s where carbon certificates, or Certified Emission Reduction certificates (CER), come in.

In pretty picture summary:

graphic with text about different energy station sources
graphic with text about how energy combines into the grid
graphic of a home and light bulb with text explaining the energy souce cannot be controlled
graphic and text abhout how Powershop offsets 100 percent of customer carbon emissions
graphic of an electric hydro stationa nd text explaining carbon certificates
graphic of a home explaining you can rest easy knowing your energy at Powershop is 100 percent carbon offset

* We commit to using Certified Emission Reduction certificates. These certify that emissions have been reduced by a Clean Development Mechanism project project verified under the Kyoto Protocol.

What are Certified Emission Reduction (CER) certificates?

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Anywhere in the world there are sustainability projects being undertaken that help take carbon dioxide (greenhouse gases) out of the atmosphere. These projects are developed under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Clean Development Mechanism, and through this framework CERs are generated and sold to businesses on an open market who are looking to offset their own carbon emissions.

It’s through this mechanism that any business can become carbon neutral by funding these sustainability projects through the purchase of these CERs which we have done on the behalf of our customers, making their energy use 100% carbon neutral.

Read more about CERs here

How much carbon do you produce? Try our carbon calculator

We love solar!

And not just wind and water

We like our energy the same way we like our eggs, sunny side up (sorry). We in Australia are blessed with the sun’s powerful rays and so it’s only natural that we’re big fans of solar energy.

Solar energy is brighter with Powershop

Just starting to think about adding solar to your rooftop? Browse our Solar Hub to get some easy to understand pointers on:

Ready to take the plunge? Our Better Solar program is our free, don’t-even-have-to-be-a-customer, advisory service on who the best solar providers are in your area.

Is a greener company even affordable?

(hint: yes it is)

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There’s a misconception that just because we’re greener, we’d be expensive - but we’re not! Put us to the test and see if our prices stack up!

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Our recent awards

Not bragging, ok maybe a little.

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But how do you know we’re a greener energy retailer? We won Finder's Green Energy Retailer of the Year award two years running, in 2020 and 2021. Take a look at our awards - we’re not shy!

Canstar Blue

Most Trusted National Energy Provider 2020


Green Energy Retailer 2020

Roy Morgan

Electricity Provider of the Year 2019

We don’t just love renewable energy

We love our neighbourhood too

Reef restoration

Our ‘Your Community Energy’ Powerpack allows customers to pay for power and support environmental initiatives at the same time. Your Community Energy is currently supporting the Reef Restoration Foundation to help restore coral on the Great Barrier Reef.

Curb your power

We're passionate about a cleaner and more resilient energy future. That's why we run a demand response program called Curb Your Power for Victorian Powershop customers to reduce the demand on the grid during peak times and earn rewards!

Power it forward

We launched the Power It Forward Powerpack in early 2020 that allowed our customers to support Powershoppers affected by the bushfires by purchasing power.

Free power days

In 2019 we ran our first ever ‘Free Power Day’, giving our customers a day of free power to celebrate when the wind was blowing at our wind farms.

Learn what else make Powershop great

Besides our fondness for pink

So we’ve covered how we’re a greener power company - learn what else our customers love about being a Powershop customer. Check out some of these cool features that help you keep your energy costs down:


Buy a Powerpack to cover your past, current or future energy usage. The savings get bigger the further ahead you buy.

Our app

You can keep tabs on your energy usage, pay your bill and refer friends for discounts all in one handy app.

Energy saving tips

We've got some tips and tricks to help you take control of your energy costs.

Pond Party!

This book is about climate change affected animals, and the importance of saving energy. Free for all to read and play!