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Information for Property Managers

Property manager showing couple a room of house

This is for you if you’re a property manager for a property with a SunYield® solar system.

If you manage a property with a SunYield® solar system, your tenant needs to know this solar system doesn’t work like a traditional solar system. Accessing the discounted solar power generated on their roof requires the tenant to sign up their electricity account with Powershop.

If the tenant joins another electricity retailer, they will no longer have access to energy from the solar system.

Having access to discounted solar rates could help them reduce their energy bills. Lower energy bills means happier tenants!

The benefits of a SunYield® property:

Easier to rent

Tenants have access to discounted power rates through Powershop.

Happier tenants

Once a tenant becomes accustomed to discounted electricity rates, they may be less likely to move. Longer tenant tenure means a consistent income for you and the landlord.

Flexible and transferrable

If the property is sold, the SunYield® system can be easily transferred to the new owner’s name.

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SunYield® does not work like a traditional solar system. Tenants have the option to purchase solar power it produces at a discounted rate through Powershop. Power generated beyond what the tenant uses can be exported back into the grid.
The tenant will not have access to energy from the solar system and the discounted rate. If the tenant chooses not to buy the solar power, the energy can be fed into the grid.