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The scoop on your rates, your Feed-in Tariff and everything in between.

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The Powershop app shows your solar exports on a daily and half hourly basis (as long as you have a smart meter, which most properties with solar do).

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All of this getting paid stuff sounds great, right? You’d better make sure you’re actually getting your Feed-in Tariff for any power generated by your solar panels and exported to the electricity grid.

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When your household uses less power than your solar panels generate, the excess power is exported to the electricity grid (how generous of you!). Your solar inverter records what’s being exported, and sends that to your retailer. Your retailer then pays you for the energy you exported.

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It takes more than just us to get power to your property. There’s a whole supply chain and everyone’s responsible for doing their bit. This means that the pricing you see on your bill is made up of a few different elements.

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You can find your rates in your desktop account and in your Powershop app. Your solar Feed-in Tariff can be found on your monthly PDF bill and on our pricing page.

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