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Our generation

Hume hydro power station, New South Wales

Meridian Energy Ltd, Powershop’s parent company, is Australasia’s largest 100% renewable energy generator.

Meridian Energy owns and operates two wind farms in Australia, both of which are GreenPower accredited and support employment in regional areas.

  • Mt Millar Wind Farm is located on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia and produces approximately 180 GWh of renewable energy each year - enough to power around 36,000* households.
  • Mt Mercer Wind Farm (above) is located 30km south of Ballarat in Victoria and produces approximately 400 GWh of renewable energy each year - enough to power around 80,000* households.
  • Hume hydro is located about 20km upstream from Albury-Wodonga in New South Wales and produces approximately 203GWh of renewable energy each year – enough to power around 40,000* households.
  • Burrinjuck hydro is located in New South Wales about 100km from Canberra and produces approximately 81GWh of renewable energy each year – enough to power around 16,000* households.
  • Keepit hydro is located in northern New South Wales about 60km from Tamworth and produces 10GWh of renewable energy each year – enough to power around 2,000* households.

*Based on an average household usage of 5MWh p.a.

To read more about how wind farms work, click here. It’s also important to note that Powershop does not support coal seam gas production, now or in the future.

Powershop has always been a staunch advocate for increasing investment in renewable energy in Australia and promoting growth in the industry. Powershop, and our parent company Meridian Energy, have no plans for any investment in coal.

Other Generation

Powershop provides customers with the opportunity to support additional renewable energy projects by regularly offering a range of 100% GreenPower packs in the Shop. The cost of these packs include a premium to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) sourced from various other accredited renewable generators. Here’s a list of companies we’ve partnered with in the past.


CSR is widely known for their sugar products that you can find in many Australian pantries, but they also generate renewable energy from waste material created in the sugar refinement process. Read more about CSR and Sugarcane Renewable Energy here.

Embark Australia

Embark support a number of community based renewable energy projects including small scale wind farms and hydro dams. Read more about Embark Community Energy here.

LMS Energy

LMS specialise in gas-to-energy projects, turning potentially harmful gases into renewable energy. Read more about LMS here.

Infigen Energy

Infigen’s Capital Wind Farm has been in operation since 2010 and has installed capacity of 140.7 MW from its 67 turbines. Read more about Infigen Energy and their Capital Wind Farm here.