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Ready for a greener power company?

At Powershop, we work super hard behind the scenes to do the right thing by the environment and our customers. Here’s some stuff we’re pretty proud of:

  • 1.We offset 100% of the carbon associated with all of our operations, and our customers’ electricity usage, at no extra cost to our customers. That means your home or business, and ours, is using 100% carbon neutral electricity – and you’re not paying more for it.
    (A little side note: We are Australia’s first and only energy company to be accredited 100% carbon neutral by the Australian government).

    More here.

  • 2.Our parent company – Meridian Energy Australia – owns and operates 100% renewable generation and we’re firmly invested in developing even more renewable generation in Australia.
  • 3.We support community energy projects, and thanks to our amazing customers we have raised over $305,000 for building community energy projects.

    More here.

  • 4.We’re helping Australians get better value out of their solar with fair deals.

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If you’re looking for a greener power company, without the added cost, you’ve come to the right place.

Learn a bit more:

Pats on the back

Our Generation

Meridian Energy's renewable energy assets allow Powershop to provide customers with 100% carbon neutral electricity at no extra cost

Above: Mt Mercer Wind Farm, Victoria

Hume hydro power station

Above: Hume hydro power station, New South Wales

Meridian Energy Ltd, Powershop’s parent company, is Australasia’s largest 100% renewable energy generator.

Meridian Energy owns and operates two wind farms in Australia, both of which are GreenPower accredited and support employment in regional areas.

  • Mt Millar Wind Farm is located on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia and produces approximately 180 GWh of renewable energy each year - enough to power around 36,000* households.
  • Mt Mercer Wind Farm (above) is located 30km south of Ballarat in Victoria and produces approximately 400 GWh of renewable energy each year - enough to power around 80,000* households.
  • Hume hydro is located about 20km upstream from Albury-Wodonga in New South Wales and produces approximately 203GWh of renewable energy each year – enough to power around 40,000* households.
  • Burrinjuck hydro is located in New South Wales about 100km from Canberra and produces approximately 81GWh of renewable energy each year – enough to power around 16,000* households.
  • Keepit hydro is located in northern New South Wales about 60km from Tamworth and produces 10GWh of renewable energy each year – enough to power around 2,000* households.

*Based on an average household usage of 5MWh p.a.

To read more about how wind farms work, click here. It’s also important to note that Powershop does not support coal seam gas production, now or in the future.

Powershop has always been a staunch advocate for increasing investment in renewable energy in Australia and promoting growth in the industry. Powershop, and our parent company Meridian Energy, have no plans for any investment in coal.

Other Generation

Powershop provides customers with the opportunity to support additional renewable energy projects by regularly offering a range of 100% GreenPower packs in the Shop. The cost of these packs include a premium to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) sourced from various other accredited renewable generators. Here’s a list of companies we’ve partnered with in the past.


CSR is widely known for their sugar products that you can find in many Australian pantries, but they also generate renewable energy from waste material created in the sugar refinement process. Read more about CSR and Sugarcane Renewable Energy here.

Embark Australia

Embark support a number of community based renewable energy projects including small scale wind farms and hydro dams. Read more about Embark Community Energy here.

LMS Energy

LMS specialise in gas-to-energy projects, turning potentially harmful gases into renewable energy. Read more about LMS here.

Infigen Energy

Infigen’s Capital Wind Farm has been in operation since 2010 and has installed capacity of 140.7 MW from its 67 turbines. Read more about Infigen Energy and their Capital Wind Farm here.


Mt Mercer wind farm

Above: Hepburn Community Wind Park

Powershop and Hepburn Wind began working together in late 2016. The partnership means that Powershop’s parent company, Meridian Energy, will assist in the management of the day-to-day operations of Hepburn Wind’s two wind turbines. Powershop will also facilitate Hepburn Wind’s interaction with the National Electricity Market enabling Hepburn Wind to sell electricity and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), delivering value to community shareholders. For Powershop this was a great chance to support an innovative community renewable energy project! Read more about Hepburn Wind and Powershop here.

Community projects

Powershop has taken further steps to support renewable energy generation at a community level through Your Neighbourhood Solar and Your Community Energy initiatives.

Your Neighbourhood Solar

This initiative gives Powershop customers the opportunity to support other Powershop customers with solar panels. Customers can choose to pay a small premium when purchasing power. The amounts raised as a result of customers paying the small premium are pooled and redistributed to those Powershop customers with solar systems. This is Powershop’s first step toward peer-to-peer electricity trading.

Check out how it works here.

Your Community Energy

This initiative gives Powershop customers the chance to help raise funds for community renewable energy projects, such as the Hepburn Wind micro hydro project and the CERES solar installation. Customers can choose to pay a small premium when purchasing power. The amounts raised as a result of customers paying the small premium are pooled and distributed to community renewable energy projects that Powershop are supporting.

Check out how it works here.

CERES solar installation

Above: Powershop helped raise funds for the CERES solar installation


Powershop GreenPower

Above: GreenPower accredited wind farm power generation

Powershop is dedicated to sustainability and protecting our environment. One of the best things you can do to support renewable energy development in Australia is to purchase GreenPower.

Purchasing GreenPower allows you to support Australia’s renewable energy sector by displacing your electricity usage with GreenPower accredited renewable energy certificates (RECs).

How do our GreenPower Powerpacks work?

At Powershop, we sell power in Powerpacks (find out what they are here). Our GreenPower Powerpacks incorporate Meridian Green, which is accredited under the National GreenPower Program. Each Powerpack includes a premium to cover the cost of the RECs that we voluntarily surrender on your behalf.

By purchasing GreenPower you are displacing your electricity usage with certified renewable energy that has no net greenhouse gas emissions. The government-managed GreenPower Program independently audits us each year to ensure this is the case.

The great thing about purchasing GreenPower is you’re assisting GreenPower accredited generators to compete with fossil fuel generators, as the bulk of the premium you pay for GreenPower goes directly back to the GreenPower accredited generators through the REC process. That’s how you’re supporting Australia’s renewable energy sector when you purchase Meridian Green.

Why is buying GreenPower important?

Australia has a strong reliance on generating electricity from fossil fuels. By purchasing GreenPower you’re minimising your impact on the environment and it means additional RECs are surrendered over and above the compulsory requirements set by the Renewable Energy Target. This clearly demonstrates that there’s a demand for renewables leading to continued growth, investment and promotion of the renewable energy sector.

Not only that, but you can also feel great about investing in the future of Australia.

GreenPower for your business

When you purchase 10% or more of your business' annual electricity consumption as GreenPower, you’re eligible to use the GreenPower Customer Logo on marketing materials to promote your commitment to reducing your business’ impact on the environment. As a GreenPower customer, if you purchase 50% or more of your annual usage as GreenPower, you can list your business on the GreenPower government website and can receive a GreenPower promotional pack to promote your support of renewable energy at your premises.

You can go to the GreenPower website once you’ve purchased the required amount of GreenPower and apply to use the GreenPower Customer Logo.

How do I purchase GreenPower at Powershop?

GreenPower Powerpacks are purchased in the exact same way as any other Powerpack in the Shop. The beauty of it is you can choose as many or as few GreenPower Powerpacks as you want - the choice is yours!

Wait, what are RECs?

Without getting too technical, one REC represents one MWh (or 1000 kWh) of renewable electricity that has been generated by a 100% GreenPower accredited renewable energy source.

Energy Efficiency

Try our interactive energy tool Powershop GreenPower

Above: Find out how you can be more energy efficient on our Energy Saving Tips page

We’re a little different from most power companies. At Powershop, we actually want you to use less of what we sell – and we give you the tools to do just that.

With the Powershop App and online usage tools, you can track how much energy you’re using and take actions to reduce your consumption. Using less helps the planet and costs you less – proving being green doesn’t have to cost the earth.

How much energy is your household using?

Knowing how much energy you’re using is one of the best ways to help you start using less. But it’s also important to know what appliances in the home might be chewing up your bill.

Use our energy appliance calculator to check out what you're paying, on average, and what nasty greenhouse gases you're cooking up based on your state and size of household. Plus, you’ll find some extra tips for taming those energy-guzzling appliances.

Try our interactive energy tool

100% carbon neutral electricity at no extra cost

100% carbon neutral electricity at no extra cost to you as a Powershop customer.

As a Powershop customer, all of your energy usage is certified carbon neutral at no extra cost.

Meridian Energy Australia, one of our group companies, has been certified carbon neutral against the requirements of the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) by the Australian Government. Although it’s a bit of a mouthful, as the first power company to be accredited in Australia, we’re chuffed.

Meridian Energy Australia, Powershop, and all of our operations are certified carbon offset under the NCOS benchmark. But importantly for our customers, the NCOS accreditation applies to the electricity we sell as well.

Why did Powershop go carbon neutral?

No matter which energy retailer you buy your electricity from, it all comes from the same central pool because all energy retailers in Australia buy their electricity from the National Electricity Market.

Because we can’t control which electrons are actually delivered to your home or business, we made the decision to offset 100% of the carbon emissions associated with our customers’ electricity use, to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint.

Read more about how we offset carbon and why.

Carbon calculator

1. Choose your state (each state has a different emission factor).

  • Victoria
  • QLD
  • SA
  • South WA
  • North WA
  • Tasmania
  • NT

2. Enter your home or business's kWh electricity usage. (For Powershop customers, this can be found in your Account Review, online account or smartphone app.)


Please add numbers only.

3. Your emissions result is:


Tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.


Want 100% carbon neutral power for no extra cost?

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Source: Australian Government - Department of the Environment and Energy.

Note: If you are a Powershop customer the emissions shown on this calculator will not be consistent with the emissions shown on your account review due to two different emission factors being used (Essential Services Commission emission factor for the account review and NCOS emission factor for this calculator).

South WA represents Albany, north through to Bunbury, Perth then up to Geraldton.
North WA represents Port Headland and its surrounding towns.

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