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Renewable energy

Ready for a greener power company?

At Powershop, we work super hard behind the scenes to do the right thing by the environment and our customers. Here’s some stuff we’re pretty proud of:

  1. We offset 100% of the carbon associated with all of our operations, and our customers’ electricity usage, at no extra cost to our customers. That means your home or business, and ours, is using 100% carbon neutral electricity – and you’re not paying more for it. (A little side note: We are Australia’s first and only energy company to be accredited 100% carbon neutral by the Australian government). More here.
  2. Our parent company – Meridian Energy Australia – owns and operates 100% renewable generation and we’re firmly invested in developing even more renewable generation in Australia.
  3. We support community energy projects, and thanks to our amazing customers we have raised over $420,000 for building community energy projects. More here.
  4. We’re helping Australians get better value out of their solar with fair deals. More here.

If you’re looking for a greener power company, without the added cost, you’ve come to the right place.

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