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Credit and collection information

Learn about credit checks, disconnection for non-payments and default listings.

Credit and collection information

Unfortunately there are instances where Powershop must take collection action to recover the costs of electricity in order to keep prices as low as possible for all customers. Powershop will only take this action following consistent failure by a customer to make payments towards amounts owed to Powershop.

Credit Check

Powershop may credit check customers. When assessing creditworthiness, Powershop rely on information from a number of sources which includes information disclosed to us by credit reporting bodies.

If you have any questions in relation to your credit report you can contact Illion Australia Pty Ltd on the details below:

Disconnection for non-payment

If you have outstanding bills on your Powershop account we will try our best to contact you to provide you with advice on how to lower your bills and to provide assistance in making payments on your account. If we have not been able to contact you and you have not contacted us, your electricity may end up being disconnected. Disconnection is always a measure of last resort to stop the amounts owing on an account increasing. It is crucial that if we notify you regarding an overdue account, you contact Powershop immediately so we can assist you with your account.

To avoid disconnection, please talk to us so we can help you.

If you have been disconnected by Powershop, you will need to contact us in order to organise reconnection of your electricity. You may be required to pay additional fees in order to be reconnected.

Default Listing

If you have not paid your Powershop account, not responded to any of our attempts to contact you, and have left Powershop – we may default list you with a credit reporting body, in accordance with applicable laws. Having a default listing against your name is essentially a flag to other businesses that you have not settled a debt.

A default listing may impact your ability to obtain credit in the future.

Like disconnection, this is something we do not like doing.