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New connections

If you’re about to start construction, whether that be a house, apartments or commercial building, Powershop will make sure your electricity is connected and ready to go.

2 simple steps to arrange a new electricity meter connection

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    Step 1.

    Become a Powershop customer by completing the Account creation request form.

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    Step 2.

    Follow the new connection process for your particular area.

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Note: If you are a builder, tradesperson or someone who will be frequently connecting new properties, please register your details to easily manage the energy at your sites.

If you are an existing Powershop customer and you are demolishing and rebuilding at your property: If you are doing a knockdown and rebuild at your property or renovating and need your electricity meter moved, you will need to arrange for your electricity to be disconnected and meter removed.

Please call our customer service team on 1800 462 668 or email connections@powershop.com.au and explain what is being done at your property and we will take care of the rest.

The end-to-end timeframe for a new connection varies between the state you live in, your distribution network and the size/ complexity of your installation.

Powershop and our metering contractors will work with you on an agreed installation date.

For VIC customers:

A new connection usually takes up to 15 business days’ to complete, but varies depending on your distribution network.

If you are doing a new connection in conjunction with other electrical work such as a supply alteration or abolishment, the new connection can take up to 25 business days depending on Powershop receiving the necessary paperwork.

For NSW, QLD and SA customers:

Powershop will complete a new connection up to 15 – 20 business days from the date we receive all the necessary paperwork from your electrician and confirmation from distribution network that the site is ready for installation.

The end-to-end timeframe will vary depending on the size and complexity of the installation. For example, the overall installation time will be different depending on whether your connection is overhead or underground – this is because of the different work your distributor will have to do to complete the connection point so it is ready for installation*.

NSW New Connections form

* Incorrect paperwork or discrepancies could cause delays to get your metering set up.