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Join Grid Impact

Powershop is thrilled to launch Grid Impact, our new plan for Powershop customers with Reposit, where customers are guaranteed GridCredits® payments for letting Powershop activate their solar batteries at certain times.

By opting into Grid Impact, you are joining a Virtual Power Plant (VPP)* which Powershop will aim to activate when the cost of electricity spikes or when demand for electricity is sky high like those hot summer days when everyone is cranking their air cons.

*Your battery will be virtually connected with other Powershop-Reposit customers which will be activated together when necessary.

By activating the VPP, Grid Impact participants can help our entire electricity system by taking pressure off the grid. Plus, being a part of Grid Impact is also great for your wallet because on top of your solar feed-in tariff you will also receive GridCredits® every three months to reward you for being in the program – meaning you could save more on your power bill.

Register for Grid Impact
  • To find out more information about Reposit visit their website by clicking here.

    To join Grid Impact, you’ll need to first sign up to be a Powershop customer. Click here to Join now

    To join Grid Impact, you’ll need to first sign up to be a Powershop customer. Click here to Join now

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How many GridCredits® you earn will depend on the power of your solar system’s battery. GridCredits® will be paid as discounts, and applied to your Powershop account every three months. Below are GridCredits® amounts that you will receive annually.

Small battery
(less than 3.5kW)
Medium battery
(between 3.5kW and 7.5kW)
Large battery
(7.5kW or more)
Victoria $100 $156 $236
New South Wales $34 $68 $124
South East Queensland $20 $40 $80
Why are customers with more powerful batteries paid more? More powerful batteries are able to discharge more stored energy, hence, are more valuable in times of high wholesale prices and peak demand, so it makes sense to reward them a bit more.
Powershop is part of an ARENA funded Demand Response initiative designed to provide reserve electricity to AEMO. Powershop sits on AEMO’s Reliable Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT) panel and can be called on at certain times to provide electricity. This gives Powershop the ability to reward Grid Impact customers in Victoria more in times of high peak demand.
Two things determine the value of your battery to Powershop:
  1. the capacity of your battery; and
  2. the electricity spot price and the projected volatility of the market.
Since each state has a different market, it makes sense to pay customers in each state a different amount.
Yes. You will still continue to receive your solar feed-in tariff as normal. GridCredits® are a bonus for being part of Grid Impact.
  • Get GridCredits® (think of it as getting a discount on your Daily Supply Charge).
  • Help take pressure off the grid when the prices and demand are high.
  • Be part of a community that helps you save even more and has an impact on your power bill (and the planet).

When Powershop activates your solar battery, it will use your battery’s stored energy; this could mean a partial or full discharge.

To give you an example, if Reposit’s software predicts that you will have excess stored energy and the price for electricity in the spot market is relatively high (i.e. $300/MWh), your battery may discharge slightly to take advantage of the high price. However, if the price skyrockets, it’s likely that your battery will be fully discharged to utilise the benefits of the rare high price event.

It is also possible that Powershop may need to put your battery on hold for up to seven days. This means that your battery will be programmed to not fall below a certain level of charge, so it is ready for discharge when needed. It is unlikely that we will need to lock your battery for a full seven days.

Please note: When your battery is discharged, the electricity goes to the grid as opposed to being used by you. For this reason, you are guaranteed GridCredits® every three months. Essentially, you are paid to be on standby to support our electricity grid when it needs it.

Your battery is likely to be discharged at times when the wholesale prices of electricity are high and at times of high demand. These often happen during summer on extremely hot days when people are blasting their air cons. While it’s hard to guess how many times such events will occur, we estimate we will need to use your battery around 10-20 times a year.

To be a part of Grid Impact you need to be a Powershop customer in VIC, South East QLD or NSW and have the following.

  • A battery and solar system installed.
  • Reposit box installed by a certified installer and agreed to Reposit’s terms and conditions.
  • A smart meter (The Grid Impact plan works best if you’re on a Time-Of-Use or Flexi tariff).