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Pack us up and take us with you! All the details on moving house with Powershop.

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Easily! There are slight differences depending on your circumstances so read more for those details.

How do I move my home or business with Powershop? - Read more

The sooner the better! We need time to contact your distributor so they can connect the power on your requested date.

I’m moving into a new property, how much notice do I need to give you to connect my power? - Read more

If you don’t have access to the internet while you’re moving, call us on 1800 462 668 and we’ll check for you.

Does Powershop supply electricity at my new address? - Read more

To ensure a smooth connection, there are a couple of things you can help us with!

What do I need to do to get my power connected at my new property? - Read more

When you tell us you’re moving property, we’ll ask for your move in date. We will do our best to get the power connected on that day. The power can be connected at any time on that day, so if you need it by a certain time, it might be best to get us to connect you the day before. We cannot connect power on public holidays or weekends.

When will the power be connected at my new property? - Read more

First things first: check that your main switch is in the ON position. Sometimes there can be a couple of main switches, so check inside your property and check at your meter — all main switches will need to be on. If you have checked your main switch, and you still don’t have any power, give us a call on 1800 462 668.

I’ve moved in and my power isn’t on, what should I do? - Read more

All Powershop connections are free in the first instance — we will absorb the distributor costs. But if the distributor has to visit your property for a second time — for example, if access to your meter was obstructed — we will charge you for the second visit by passing on the distributor’s fees.

What will it cost me? - Read more

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