Gas fees

From time to time, work may be required at your property which incur a fee for service. When you use a service we will charge the fee to your Powershop account. This information will be updated from time to time as the cost of providing these services may change.

Schedule of fees

All fees are per job and includes GST.


Melbourne’s western and north western suburbs, as well as Victoria’s west and south west, including Bendigo to the north, Horsham to the west, Ballarat and Geelong.

Type Fees
Meter and Gas installation test $213.13
Disconnection – lock plugs at the meter installation $71.04
Reconnection – following insertion of locks and plugs at the meter installation $71.04
Special Read – final read $11.01
Special Read – reference read $11.01
Special Read – account investigation $11.01
Special Read – customer transfer $11.01
Special Read – disconnection $11.01
Provision of Service Pipe ($/m) $54.08
Standard Hourly Labour Rate ($/hr) $156.50

Melbourne’s inner and outer east, the Yarra Ranges and South Gippsland.

Type Fees
Meter turn on or reconnect $52.33
Meter Removal – various $74.15
Meter Investigation – high account investigation $177.19
Meter Disconnection – use of locks and plugs $62.07
Special meter read $7.95
Service Visit – Short $58.52
Service Visit – Long (hourly rate) $118.43
Meter Disconnection – excavating & shutting service tee $818.94
Request for Meter Upgrade $130.19
Regulator Upgrade $130.19
Meter Investigation – NATA Test, accuracy within Code $818.94
Meter Turn On / or Reconnect (A/H 4pm – 8pm) $170.90

Melbourne’s northern and north eastern suburbs, Mornington Peninsula, north east Victoria, including Shepparton, Wangaratta and Wodonga, north western Victoria, including Mildura, central and eastern Gippsland, including Bairnsdale.

Type Fees
Attach Locks/Plugs to Meter $85.80
Meter Refix  $122.10
Meter Remove  $122.10
High Account Investigation  $258.50
Meter Turn-On  $100.10
Remove Locks/Plugs to Meter for Debt  $100.10
Special Final Read – Metro  $11.00
Special Final Read – Non- Metro  $15.07
Special Reference Read – Metro  $11.00
Special Reference Read – Non Metro  $15.07
Special Transfer Read – Metro  $11.00
Special Transfer Read – Non Metro  $15.07

New South Wales

Type Fees
Disconnection  $134.20
Reconnection  $107.80
Special Meter Reads  $15.07
Expedited reconnections  $321.20
Abolishment  $1,381.60
Wasted visit/ no access  $88.00
Wasted expedited reconnection visit  $321.20
Wasted Special Read visit  $15.07
Hourly Charge – non-standard User-initiated requests and queries  $203.50

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