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Relighting pilots – how to turn your gas on safely

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November 2, 2018

1. Check that all your household gas appliances are turned off, these include:

• Cooker or cooktop
• Oven
• Heaters
• Hot water service

Do not attempt to turn on your gas meter unless you have checked that all gas appliance controls are in the off position. Proceeding to turn on your meter without completing this check can be very dangerous.

2. Locate your gas meter

Your gas meter is usually at the side of your house or in the front yard. If you live in a high rise unit or flat, your gas meter is generally at ground level.
If the gas meter is not attached to the pipe work or not present, do not proceed. Contact your gas distributor (find them here) who will be able to help you. Otherwise, the contact details of the appropriate technician are usually listed on the back of the card present on your gas meter.

3. Turn your gas meter on

If safe to do so, rotate the handle of the valve 90 degrees to the vertical on position. The meter is on when the handle is in line with the gas inlet pipe. Do NOT turn on your gas meter if you can smell gas leaking.

4. Light a burner on your gas cooker if you have one

It may take a few minutes for the burner to light, while the gas flows from the meter. Once alight, let it burn for at least three minutes. This shows that the gas is turned on and flowing correctly. Then turn off the burner. If you don’t have a gas cooker, please proceed to the next step.

5. Restore the gas supply to your other gas appliances

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and if you are comfortable and it is safe to do so, turn on and light the gas appliance pilot flames on all other gas appliances. The instructions are usually located inside the access panel.


  • Check all gas appliances are turned off before turning on your gas meter.

  • Make sure all hot water taps are turned off.

  • Make sure you read and understand appliance lighting instructions before you light appliances.

  • Wear some sort of eye protection, such as reading, safety or sunglasses.

  • Keep your face well away from any appliance openings when lighting pilot flames (a mirror may help you to see into tight spaces).

  • Remove flammable materials and liquids from the surrounding area.

  • Be careful relighting appliances in confined spaces, such as cupboards or under stairs.


  • Turn on your gas meter if you haven’t checked that all gas appliances are off.

  • Turn on, or relight any gas appliances if you do not feel safe doing so.

  • Light appliances with which you have experienced recent problems.

  • Use tools to force meter valves or appliance controls.

Your safety is most important

The instructions provided should be followed closely and must be read along with the manufacturers’ guidance for any appliances connected to the gas supply.
If you’re unable to relight your appliances or you’re not confident about doing so and would like the gas to be restored, please call your gas distributor. You can find their details by entering your postcode here.

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