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GreenPower: Everything you need to know

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January 16, 2020

Because it’s impossible to tell where the electrons delivered to your home are coming from, we can’t guarantee your electricity is coming directly from a renewable generation source. So, to help our customers’ support Australian renewables directly, we offer you the option to purchase GreenPower.

What is GreenPower?

GreenPower is a voluntary government accredited program that allows Australians to displace their standard electricity usage with certified renewable energy, which is added to the grid on their behalf.

When you buy GreenPower, we then purchase the equivalent amount of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), which means more dollars are invested in renewable energy projects, which leads to more renewable energy for the grid!

Why GreenPower?

We sell GreenPower because it’s great for the Australian renewable energy industry, and we know our customers love it too:

  • In 2015, the amount of GreenPower our residential customers bought was the equivalent of operating more than three additional 2MW wind turbines for an entire year.

  • From October to December last year, 23% of Powershop customers made a GreenPower purchase. This is about six times more than the industry average.

  • Powershop gives customers complete flexibility as to how much GreenPower they choose to buy.

  • In each quarter of 2015, the proportion of Powershop customers purchasing GreenPower increased, which goes to show the value in giving customers greater choices in how they support renewable energy.

We make it super easy for customers to purchase GreenPower. Here are your options:

Set GreenPower as your default product
If you only want to buy GreenPower, you can set this as your default product in your online account settings. This can be changed whenever you like.

Buy as much or as little GreenPower as you like
Log into your account, select the GreenPower pack you’d like to purchase, enter the units you’d like to buy and checkout. You can do this whenever you like or whenever it fits your budget.

Powershop is proud to offer electricity and gas plans to Australian properties across Victoria, NSW, South Australia and Queensland. To view the offers we have available, please see our energy plans.