What’s my Baseline?

Your usage reduction is measured by an algorithm that calculates your usage data from the last 14 days to create a profile of what your usage would be at a certain time. This is your Baseline. Your Baseline is what your usage would have been if you hadn’t responded to an Event. We then use your actual usage data for the day of the Curb Your Power Event to figure out if you were able to reduce your usage enough to hit your Curb Target.

What is an Event?

An Event is when there is high demand on the grid. When there is an Event, we may get in touch with you asking you to reduce or shift your power usage to help reduce this demand. An Event can last anywhere between 1-4 hours.


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How to curb your power

If you’ve received a message from us asking you to curb your power, you’re in the right place – you should find all the info you need to make sure you can take part and earn rewards.

When the starts, reduce your power usage as much, and as safely, as you can for the course of the Event to meet your Curb Target. Do not turn off any vital appliances or devices.

If you’re just interested in how the Curb Your Power program works, this info is also for you!

To view a short video explaining demand response and Curb Your Power,

What is my Curb Target?

To hit your Curb Target, you must:

  • Reduce your power usage by at least 10% of your Baseline , or
  • Reduce your usage by at least 1kW for each hour of the Event, or
  • Reduce your usage by at least 0.05 kW for each hour of the Event if you have solar.

Ways you can curb your power

Curbing your power doesn’t mean sitting quietly in the dark for an hour or two with all the appliances switched off until the Event is over. Participating can be as easy as changing the air-con from 17 degrees to 24 degrees and doing your washing after the Event, or powering down the house and heading out for a walk (obviously to the store to get ice cream).

Here are just a few ways you can curb your power:

Curb Your Power – all the important details summed up in a table
  Min Max
Warning time before an Event 1 hour 7 days
Length of an Event 1 hour 4 hours
Events per year 2 10
Events day & time Monday-Friday 10am-10pm (an Event will not occur outside of these times)
  Residential Business
Curb Target
  • 10% or 1 kWh (reduction on your Baseline)
  • For solar customers: 0.05 kW for each hour of the Event.
  • 10% or 1-2 kWh (reduction on your Baseline)
  • For solar customers: 0.05 kW for each hour of the Event.
Customer Reward $10 power credit for hitting your Curb Target. $10-$200 power credit for hitting the Curb Target tiers
Bonus reward Between $150-$900 additional account credit for an average reduction of 5kWh up to 30kWh if you’ve taken part in all of the Events across the year.


What do I get if I hit my Curb Target?

If you achieve the target reduction you will receive a $10 power credit on your Powershop account, which can be used to buy Powerpacks in the Shop.

What do I have to do to participate and how do I do it?

Opt-in to the program by registering here. Even if you register, there’s no obligation to participate when there is an Event.

What if I participate in an Event but I’m not successful? Will I still be compensated?

If you didn’t hit your Curb Target you will not be able to claim a power credit. We have set the Curb Target as an achievable figure, so if you don’t hit it first time, check out the info above for tips to help you reduce your usage next time, and feel free to get in touch on Facebook to chat with us if you need help. And remember, if you attempted to hit your Curb Target then you’ve likely reduced your usage, which means you’ve saved money!

I didn’t receive an SMS to curb my power?

We require you to have been a customer for at least 45 days before you can participate in an Event. If you haven’t, then we would not have sent you an SMS. Or, you may have registered your mobile number incorrectly. Email us at curbyourpower@powershop.com.au with your correct mobile number.

What if I am away for the entire day when an Event happens, so I’m not using any power? Does that count as participating?

If you are away for consecutive days then our calculation will assume your Baseline is low so you may not be considered a successful participant. Because we calculate your Baseline based on your usage during the day leading up to the Event, to successfully participate, you have to have been using power in the hours leading up to the Event.

I don’t think I can reduce my usage by enough to hit my Curb Target.

That’s why we have set your Curb Target as a percentage. So all you need to do is reduce a little and you can participate. For you big power users, if 10% is still a lot, all you need is a reduction of 1 kWh each hour of the Event. And for customers with solar, you just need to reduce your usage by 0.05 kW for each hour of the Event.

What if I can’t participate in an Event?

That is totally fine, your participation is always voluntary. If you would like to opt out of the program totally you can do so by emailing curbyourpower@powershop.com.au

How do demand response programs like Curb Your Power support renewables?

Due to the intermittent nature of renewables there may be times when renewable energy will not be able to cover high demand periods. Currently, fast acting generators like gas and diesel plants are used as backups during these times. If demand response is used correctly, there will be less need to use fossil fuels as backup and allowing the integration of more renewable energy into the grid.

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