Carbon Neutral Certification

We can’t control which electrons are actually delivered to our customers’ home or business, so we 100% carbon offset your energy usage.


Certified carbon neutral

Powershop has been certified carbon neutral under the government’s Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard as a carbon neutral business since 2014.

This means our carbon neutrality for both electricity and gas has been officially recognised by the Australian Government – the first time an energy company has been fully certified carbon neutral under this program.


What does carbon neutral mean?

Climate Active provides a carbon neutral standard for businesses and other organisations that are voluntarily seeking to be carbon neutral. The standard sets out what is required for calculating, auditing and offsetting the carbon account of an organisation, product or service to achieve carbon neutrality. It also provides guidance on what is a genuine offset unit.

No matter where you buy your electricity from, it all comes from the same central pool called the National Electricity Market (NEM). The energy grid is made up of energy from a variety of sources, including renewable generation (solar, wind, hydro) and coal-fired power.

Offsetting all the carbon associated with our customers’ energy usage at no extra cost means we’re supporting local and global environmental, social and economic initiatives. It’s part of our commitment to do the right thing by the planet to help encourage positive outcomes for Australians and communities all over the world.

We commit to using Certified Emission Reduction certificates. These certify that emissions have been reduced by a Clean Development Mechanism project verified under the Kyoto Protocol.

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Winners of Canstar Blue’s Most Trusted Energy Provider 2022, Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers in Victoria 2019-2021, Roy Morgan’s Customer Satisfaction Awards 2019-2021.

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