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FAQs for business

Joining Powershop

Powershop is available in New South Wales, South East Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.
Yes, please give the team a call on 1800 728 197 or email business.sales@powershop.com.au.
We offer gas in most of Victoria. We're not offering gas in NSW, South East QLD or South Australia yet, but drop us a line here and we'll let you know if that plan changes.
Yes, Powershop supports solar for both residential and commercial customers. Read more.
Yes, you can switch to Powershop if you are moving to a new property. When you sign up online, select the option 'I'm planning to move to a new house soon (and want to set up Powershop for my new house)'. You can give us the details of the property you are moving to and your move in date as part of the signup process. If you're currently a Powershop customer and moving house see How do I move house with Powershop.
Yes, you can switch to Powershop if you have been disconnected or there is no supply to your house at the moment. We will arrange for your power to be connected, but a reconnection fee may be charged. However, if you have been disconnected because of an outstanding amount with your existing retailer, they may not allow you to switch until the payment is cleared.

No electricity retailer can guarantee a continuous supply of electricity. If you, or anyone else at your property relies on a continuous supply of electricity for critical medical support and if you were cut off it may cause serious harm or loss of life you need to:

Let us know when you switch by filling out the section on ‘Life Support & Sensitive Load’ when prompted during the signup process.

Let us know when you are a customer at any time by logging in to your account and selecting the ‘My Settings' section, then select ‘Life Support & Sensitive Load', then select ‘yes' and provide details. Alternatively you can email us, or call us on 1800 462 668, Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm AEDT.

You also need to talk to your GP or specialist to arrange for a backup power supply if there is an outage.

You can switch by signing up online, it takes less than 5 minutes. All you'll need is your preferred payment details (credit card or bank account). It'll typically take between 3 - 4 weeks to switch your supply in South East Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. In New South Wales it could take a little longer. We'll update you via e-mail as your switch progresses.
No, unless your property requires substantial work or an after-hours or same day re-connection or a new meter installation. (Special fees do apply in these situations and we will advise you of the costs in advance).
No, your power won't be cut off (unless your current supplier has already informed you of disconnection because of outstanding payment). Switching to Powershop just involves the transfer of information. We won't be touching any equipment affecting your supply.
To ensure we can automatically top up your account if you forget or don't get around to buying power we need to set up a preferred default payment method of either a credit, debit card or bank account details. Direct Debit: By entering your bank account details you are giving us permission to take money out of your account to pay for your power. In addition to ensure that we have the correct bank account details Powershop has a Direct Debit Confirmation Process that works in three steps: We deduct $1 by direct debit from your allocated bank account and include a five-character confirmation code in the reference field. This is to test that we have the right account number for you. We credit the $1 to your Powershop account for future use, and email you with a link to confirm your direct debit. To set up your direct debit check your bank statement, find the five-character code, click on the link in the email and enter the code to confirm we can activate your direct debit.
Our 60-day guarantee ensures that once you have switched to Powershop you have 60 days to change your mind and Powershop will arrange for your reconnection back to your old supplier. We’ll refund any unused electricity, no quibbles. If you decide to switch away after 60 days refunds will only be given in certain circumstances. Read our refund policy here.
Yes - Switch Your Mates is the best way to never pay for power again. If you’re happy with the Powershop experience, simply use your smartphone or online account to refer your friends. Click on the Switch Your Mates banner or menu option and enter your friends’ email addresses. If they switch via that email link you'll both get a $75 discount.

Prices and fees

We believe in offering all our customers a fair deal.

Prices will change from time to time, but they will always stay competitive. We're determined to save our customers money and our commitment is to always bring you some of Australia's most competitive electricity deals.

So regardless of what kind of ‘plan’ you may be on with your current power company, most customers can save with Powershop, simply because of our low prices. By participating in our online shop, you can save even more.

At Powershop we don’t normally charge our customers additional fees. In limited circumstances you may be charged for additional services but this will only happen if you request additional work to be undertaken (e.g. special meter reads, installation of a new meter, a new connection etc.) - for more information see our schedule of fees.

The cost of your power will differ depending on where you live, how much and when you use electricity, your metering set-up and how much the distribution company in your area charges. If you have more than one meter, you will generally have cheaper power prices as a multiple meter set up means your power company can take advantage of off-peak times and are able to pass these savings on to you.

No you won't be charged extra, there are no credit card transaction or convenience fees.


First of all, Greenpeace ranked Powershop as Australia’s greenest power company (2014, 2015 & 2018). We undertake various activities to provide a cleaner alternative for our customers, some of which are set out below:
  • Powershop aims to put our customers back in control of their electricity usage. Through our online tools and mobile app, we are empowering customers to know how much electricity they are using, and what it costs as they use it, so they are more conscious consumers.
  • Your ability to reduce your energy use is the best thing you can do to reduce your environmental impact: using less power is good for the planet and good for your pocket.
  • Powershop is backed by Meridian Energy, Australasia’s largest 100% renewable energy producer with no investments in fossil fuel resources.
  • Powershop provides a range of GreenPower products for those who want to give increased support to renewable energy generation in Australia.
  • Powershop is Australia’s first and only 100% carbon neutral electricity retailer.
No matter which energy retailer you buy your electricity from, it all comes from the same central pool of electricity because energy retailers in Australia all buy their electricity from the National Electricity Market. We can’t control which electrons are delivered to your home or business, so Powershop has chosen to offset 100% of the carbon emissions associated with our customer’s electricity use. This means that all the electricity used by Powershop’s customers has been completely offset, at no extra cost to them.
Powershop offsets all of the carbon associated with its own operations and its customers’ energy usage drawn from the National Electricity Market. To do this, Powershop purchases an equivalent number of United Nations Certified Emission Reduction certificates (UNCERs) from sustainable energy projects around the world. These have been developed under the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism, of which Australia is a signatory. As carbon emissions are a global issue, we have chosen global certificates which we provide at no additional cost to our customers.
Fantastic! All of your consumption is still offset with UNCERs and in addition an equivalent number of Renewable Energy Certificates are surrendered which furthers investment in Australian renewables.
Meridian Energy Australia - our parent company - has been certified carbon neutral under the Australian Government's National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) program. The NCOS accreditation provides a benchmark for businesses and other organisations that are voluntarily seeking to be carbon neutral. The benchmark sets out what is required for calculating, auditing and offsetting the carbon account of an organisation, product or service to achieve carbon neutrality. It also provides guidance on what is a genuine offset unit. To remain compliant with the NCOS program, we're required to record all emissions associated with conducting our business and then offset these emissions by surrendering voluntary GreenPower Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) bought by our customers as well as voluntarily surrender Certified Reduction Certificates (CERs). We also comply with the obligation to surrender LGCs as is mandatory with the RET's Renewable Percentage. So Meridian Energy Australia (our parent company), Powershop (us), and all our operations are certified carbon offset under the NCOS program. But importantly for our customers, the NCOS accreditation applies to our product as well. So if you're a Powershop customer all your energy usage is certified carbon neutral - at no extra cost. Head to the Government website for more information on this scheme.
GreenPower is a national scheme to encourage greater investment in renewable energy. To learn more about GreenPower and Powershop, visit our renewables page.
No. When you switch you are automatically put on to the standard offer, which is 100% carbon offset. However, should you wish to further support renewable energy projects in Australia, you can choose to purchase GreenPower. GreenPower purchases send a signal to the market that demonstrates demand for renewable energy. If all households in Australia bought GreenPower™ this would lead to 50% of the power in the National Electricity Market generated from renewable sources. You can find more information on GreenPower here.
Powershop is the only Australian retailer that lets you purchase as much or as little GreenPower as you like – you’re in control and can choose to purchase more or less GreenPower whenever you wish. It’s completely flexible, so for example you can purchase around 26% one month and 100% the next… the choice is yours. In your online account you can also, from time to time, choose a product from a renewable energy project you may wish to support.
GreenPower does not have a set cost; instead the cost varies based on a market price and the recommended retail rates from GreenPower. Retailers may, on occasion, charge varying rates for GreenPower for a number of reasons. We believe our GreenPower prices are always competitive and when comparing pricing it is always important to take into account all charges and discounts as lower GreenPower prices may conceal higher energy prices.
GreenPower is a voluntary scheme that allows businesses and individuals to increase demand for renewable energy in Australia. The associated cost is to retire the Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) that would otherwise be sold onto the market in order for retailers to meet their obligations for the Renewable Energy Target. You can read all about how it works on the Powershop blog.


Powershop can service customers with basic meters. Bills will be based on estimated readings in between actual quarterly meter reads from your meter. Usage estimations can be made more accurate by entering your own meter reads into the Powershop smartphone app or your online account.
The total value of a customer’s export solar generation will appear as a credit in their Powershop account once a month and can be used to purchase power in the Shop. This will be included in the monthly Powershop bill and available for use once the review has been issued.
Generally, providing we have a verified read from a meter, solar customers can request to be refunded for the credit in their account from solar generation at any time. If the credit is more than $100 we will refund the credit into your nominated account. To apply for a refund, solar customers can call us on 1800 462 668 or email us at info@powershop.com.au.
No. Powershop treats all customers equally. Solar customers pay the same rates and receive the same discounts as non-solar customers. Remember, our discounts apply to the whole bill; usage and daily charges. To view Powershop’s prices click here.
Powershop does support solar installations that are configured with a Gross Meter in NSW. Gross Metering does not apply in South East Queensland or Victoria.
Net Metering allows solar customers to be paid for any excess generation that has not been consumed in the household first. Gross Metering means all of the solar generation is exported straight to the grid and solar customers are paid for all of their solar generation.
Details of feed-in and export generation can be found on the monthly Powershop bill email under “Usage.” This amount is based on either a verified read from your meter, or for customers with basic meters, estimation. Powershop will also issue a credit note detailing your solar rebate amount. This credit note is available in the accounts section of your online account or the Powershop app.
Solar customers with smart meters can view their consumption on our Heat Map tools. However, while the solar installation is generating and fully powering the home the Heat Map will appear black (as usage during this time does not register on your smart meter). Heat Map functionality is currently unavailable for solar customers with basic meters.
Yes. Customers can manually enter meter usage reads themselves.
Yes. Powershop customers with basic meters can enter their own feed-in reads. Until we’ve got a verified reading for your feed-in meter we’re not able to pay you for your feed-in, and for customers who only have their meters read every few months it’s a great way to get paid for your actual feed-in, rather than us using an estimate.

Jargon buster

A tariff is a pricing structure (in the traditional power retailer sense), determined by the meter set up you have. There are many different names for the various tariffs across the industry. But they will normally indicate a time of use (e.g. Day and Night) or control (e.g. Uncontrolled, Anytime, Economy). Your pricing structure will remain the same if you switch to Powershop.
Controlled meters measure power use for appliances (usually hot water heating) which the local network company is able to switch off for short periods, for example when the demand on their network is high, or when faults or emergencies happen on their network. Usually there is a discounted rate given by the lines charges for allowing this, which is passed on to the customer. Uncontrolled metering simply means that the local network company has no way of ‘controlling’ or switching off appliances or use measured by that meter.
Peak / off-peak metering involves two separate meters (or two registers on one meter), one of which measures ‘peak’ usage, and one of which measures ‘off-peak’ usage. This is usually beneficial as it allows retailers to measure (and charge lower rates for) your night usage.
Smart meters differ from current ‘basic’ meters by being able to measure consumption accurately across very small time periods (down to 1/2 hours) in the one meter. They also have two-way communication abilities to enable remote meter reading, and to enable instructions to be sent to the meter e.g. to remotely disconnect a property (although this functionality is not yet active). If you don't have a smart meter, we can arrange an installation for free in most cases. Fill out the form here.
It's the National Electricity Market (NEM). This is a regulated market and is operated by the Australian Energy Market Operator. Generators sell their power into this market and retailers and large industrial users buy their power directly from it. For more information see the AEMO website.
Your property has a unique National Metering Identifier (NMI) number identifying it on the Australian electricity network. You can find this on your current power bill somewhere under the invoice number. It consists of 10 digits – mostly numbers but it may contain a few letters.
The network companies (also known as distributors) own and look after the power lines that transmit the electricity from the national grid to your property. There are many different network companies in Australia although each company operates a monopoly in its given area.