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If you are working on multiple sites and require multiple new connections you might benefit from setting up a master account to easily manage the electricity at your existing sites, while arranging for new connections at new sites.

New connection information

Each state has its own new connection processes; an each distribution area also has their own process. Scroll down and click on the state you are arranging a connection for and find the specific network distribution process details for your site. To sign your business or any of your sites up to Powershop, gives us a call or email. 

For residential sites:

Call: 1800 462 668

Email: residential.sales@powershop.com.au 

For business sites:

Call: 1800 728 197

Email: business.sales@powershop.com.au

 Information by state:


In Victoria the new connection process is:

The electrical contractor must complete the electrical work for the switchboard at the site; then

the electrical contractor must organise for the completed Electrical Work Request (EWR) form and Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES) to be sent to:

  1. For AusNet, Jemena or United Energy distribution network area jobs you can submit their EWR and CES directly to Powershop: connections@powershop.com.au

  2. For CitiPower and Powercor network area jobs you must submit the EWR and CES through the eConnect portal and nominate Powershop as your retailer.