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Support for hospitality businesses through Power it Forward

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Support for hospitality businesses through Power it Forward
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The Powershop community are behind you and here to support you on the road to recovery.

The Powershop community are the first to put their hands up to help each other out in tough times.

We brought back the Power It Forward Powerpack, allowing Powershoppers to put money towards the electricity bills of customers we’ve identified in our small business community who need support during this time. If this is you, please give us a call to discuss a range of support options.

In response to the Victorian government’s decision to reinstate restrictions, the hospitality industry has it particularly tough. We’re now providing the Power it Forward credit to our Victorian restaurant, café and bar customers that we have identified who need support. The credit should help assist with their energy bills until restrictions are lifted on 12th July (fingers crossed).

If you’re in need of support during this time, please give us a call to discuss having this credit applied to your energy account.

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New to Power It Forward? Here’s how it works.

The 'Power It Forward' Powerpack is available for customers who have access to the Powershop shop and allows our customers to pay a bit extra when purchasing their electricity. This extra amount gets pooled and will be credited (excluding GST) to the electricity accounts of Powershop small business customers we’ve identified as doing it tough during the recovery of COVID-19. Read more about it here.

You buy the Power It Forward Powerpack with a small premium attached (incl GST).

We pool the premiums, excluding GST.

This will go towards the power bills of identified Powershop small business customers doing it tough.

Support for customers

Remember that we are here to help our customers through this time and Power It Forward is just one way we can support our impacted small businesses community. We know every situation will be different so if you’ve been impacted by COVID-19 head to our customer support page and get in touch with us so we can help.

As a community, we want to rally to support your recovery so we can come out the other side together.

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