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South Australia – there’s a new face in town

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South Australia – there’s a new face in town
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While we may be the new face in town, we’re certainly not new to the industry, with more than 120,000 happy customers across Victoria, New South Wales, South East Queensland and now South Australia. We’re unpacking our bags as we speak.

South Australia this may be our first time meeting, but we’ve been around for the last eight years at Mt Millar Wind Farm, which is owned and operated by our parent company Meridian Energy. Mt Millar Wind Farm has generated more than 2.1 billion kilowatt hours since becoming fully operational in 2007, providing green energy direct to the grid.

We’ve arrived in South Australia with plenty of goodies in our bags, because we love rewarding and recognising customers for their loyalty and celebrating exciting new milestones in the Powershop journey. Plus, you never come to someone’s house empty handed.

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We’ve finally landed in the Wine State – so pop a bottle of your Barossa best and raise a glass to the power of transparency and a greener, better power company. Cheers, SA!

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2 comments on "South Australia – there’s a new face in town"
  1. Dr Kelvin Wellington, October 7, 2020:

    Terrific. South Aust. leads the World in many ways. It will be really good that PowerShop is involved. I’m in NSW and I seriously wish many of the renewable advances in SA could take place in NSW.
    Power shop is doing a good job in implementing great rates for EVs in NSW. I’m hoping to take advantage of this with my Tesla when your staff get moving. It’s been a month since I installed my Smart Meter (at great cost) but they have’nt yet given me the midnight EV off-peak rate. When will this happen?

    • rosemary.wannan, August 19, 2021:

      Hi Dr Wellington,
      Thank you for your comment. If the EV off-peak rate is still not applied to your account please give us a call on 1800 462 668 so we can fix that up for you.

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